Alone In The Woods

My first exposure to electronic duo Alone In The Woods was their excellent track “I Never Came Up For Air” off of Burning Witches Records’ RSD 2018 compilation Communion. From that track I knew there was something quite remarkable at play. The band, which consists of Jon Dobyns and Lon Bologna, are production wizards. They […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : Self Zero

Artwork by Darren Hopes Thomas Ragsdale has been one half of the electronic duo worriedaboutsatan since 2005. If you happen to dive into the musical world of Ragsdale and Gavin Miller you’ll hear a prolific body of work spanning styles ranging from techno, glitch, post-rock, and ambient. They’re not a band that wants to be […]

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Harglow : Harglow

Artwork by Ben Turner I’m not supposed to talk about it. I’m not even supposed to think about it, let alone discuss what I found on that tape. Supposedly if you even whisper the name bad things happen; people change before your eyes, darkness rises, you begin to lose those bits of yourself that tie […]

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Pieces Vol 2

In all horror trilogies number 2 usually seems to lack something that number 1 possessed. Maybe the element of surprise? Maybe there’s a touch of “I’ve seen this already” as tropes are revisited and not expanded on. Or maybe it just loses a bit of its luster when the first one was so damn good. […]

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Pieces Vol.1

So last year we were treated by the great Burning Witches Records with the excellent Halloween compilation Witches’ Halloween Brew. You could be thinking to yourself that Witches’ Halloween Brew was some kind of overhopped IPA made with spiced gourd, roasted pumpkin seeds, and the souls of the innocent. I wouldn’t doubt that that beer […]

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Piece By Piece : October Brings 2nd Anniversary of Burning Witches Records and ‘Pieces’ Split EP Trilogy

Photos by @printsheduk Darren Page and Gary Dimes, aka Burning Tapes and All of Them Witches, aka co-owners of the UK record label Burning Witches Records have had a hell of a first two years of operation. Starting in 2016, the guys have curated and hosted some of the best artists working in electronic music […]

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