worriedaboutsatan : revenant

worriedaboutsatan work between the lines. They build quietly, methodically, and with great intention. The musical world of Thomas Ragsdale and Gavin Miller is all about subtlety and nuance, with a quiet dread just under the surface that’s never explained, just understood. Dense electronic music with hints of techno, post-rock, ambient, and downtempo, worriedaboutsatan set a […]

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Cory Kilduff’s ‘When it All Gets to be Too Much’ Out Friday; Watch Video For “Chestnut Hills”

If you grew up in the 80s, then Molly Ringwald is an actress that made an impression on you. Watching films like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, as well as The Pick up Artist, Fresh Horses, and For Keeps always lent a feeling of longing to my teenage brain. There was always […]

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Alone In The Woods

My first exposure to electronic duo Alone In The Woods was their excellent track “I Never Came Up For Air” off of Burning Witches Records’ RSD 2018 compilation Communion. From that track I knew there was something quite remarkable at play. The band, which consists of Jon Dobyns and Lon Bologna, are production wizards. They […]

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Thomas Ragsdale : Self Zero

Artwork by Darren Hopes Thomas Ragsdale has been one half of the electronic duo worriedaboutsatan since 2005. If you happen to dive into the musical world of Ragsdale and Gavin Miller you’ll hear a prolific body of work spanning styles ranging from techno, glitch, post-rock, and ambient. They’re not a band that wants to be […]

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