Hunter Complex : Airports and Ports

For my money Lars Meijer, aka Hunter Complex, is making some of the most exciting and innovative electronic music currently. As a composer he approaches his work not only a student of the electronic music world, but from the world of jazz, modern classical, pop music, and from a cinematic approach. His releases over the […]

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“Get In Touch With The Rest Of The World”: Hunter Complex Returns With ‘Airports and Ports’; A Conversation With Lars Meijer

Photos by Joni Spaan For me, the return of Hunter Complex, aka Lars Meijer, is a great thing. I can remember so vividly hearing Open Sea in late 2018, a couple months prior to it’s official release date and being blown away. That record was like breathing rarefied air; a sound world that felt like […]

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Cory Kilduff : You Will Be Safe

Way back in 2019 musician Cory Kilduff dropped one of my favorite albums of that year in When It All Gets To Be Too Much, a sprawling, engaging, and emotionally connective record of dense and melodic synth. Pulling from 80s John Hughes films and those moments where things are as heart-heavy as they get, Kilduff […]

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POLYBIUS by Sinneslochen Inc

In the summer of 1981 a mysterious game appeared in a local arcade in Portland, Oregon. ‘Polybius’, as it was called, proved to be extremely popular with the local youth in the Pacific Northwest town. Teens would line up outside of the arcade before opening and a line would continue till closing. Kids obsessed over […]

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Happy Birthday Witches!

The first album I ever bought from Burning Witches Records was Maine’s V. To be completely honest I didn’t even pay attention to the label because that album sucked me in so wholly. It bewitched me, pun intended. I just knew I was paying international shipping fees and I was totally good with that. The […]

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Hunter Complex : Dead Sea

I think one of the biggest musical discoveries for me in the last couple years has been Hunter Complex. The one-man music project of Lars Meijer has been a constant soundtrack in my head and ears since I first heard his Death Waltz Originals release Open Sea in late 2018/early 2019. That album for me […]

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BurningTapes : Devil x Nine

BurningTapes, aka Darren Page, has something a little different for your brains and ears this time around with his all new long player. He’s all but shelved the Carpenter-esque horror vibes and is ready to trample our psyches with dirty bass and scuzzy beats. There’s also a peppering of keys and samples that give the […]

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Isvisible/Isinvisible : Moon-White Water

On Moon-White Water, Simon Pott’s fifth LP under the name Isvisible/Isinvisible, he seems to find that perfect balance between man and machine. Working once again like a sonic wizard with modular synths, vintage effects, and no overdubs, Pott builds buzzing worlds on Moon-White Water. Despite the improvisational and free-form nature of his work, Isvisible/Isinvisible’s sound […]

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