Nika Moroz : Come To Your Senses

The latest release from forward-thinking electronic music label Soundtracking The Void comes from Nika Moroz. Who is Nika Moroz? I honestly have no idea. There’s hints that she comes from Belarus and originally started out playing guitar and flute(check out the source here, courtesy of The Waveform Transmitter.) Despite knowing little to nothing about this producer/musician, Come To Your Senses is a swift shot of dance floor brilliance. It’s a three-track EP(one original track and two remixes) filled with dizzying electronic music. Part techno, part house, part EDM, and all exhilarating, Nika Moroz seems to pull no punches.

Title track “Come To Your Senses” is a study in sonic bliss. It doesn’t jump into a four-on-the-floor beat and get sweaty immediately. It opens up slowly, with deft touches and dense production. Soon enough a beat emerges from the fog of sound and we’re carried along with an 80s spirit and a sense of abandon.

The last two track are “Come To Your Senses” remixes. The first by Jozef K is a dizzying mix of percussive rumblings and ping-ponging rhythmic movement. It builds up with shots of delayed synth notes that taper off after 8 minutes of losing yourself in the track.

The last remix is by Thomas Ragsdale. Ragsdale take a more restrained and hypnotic approach. He starts with a steady rhythm and melodic swath of synth as the track warps and regenerates itself over the course of 6 and a half minutes. There’s a meditative quality here that allows one for some transcendent meditation or contemplative staring into space.

Come To Your Senses is a brilliant shot of deep space house and techno music from an artist I know little to nothing about. Nika Moroz is a bit of a mystery to me, but that doesn’t matter. Her music speaks for itself.

Nika Moroz’ Come To Your Senses drops on 2/22. Download it Friday via Soundtracking The Void here.

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