My Favorites…2014…Coming Soon

The Ortofon 2M Red, surely spinning some tasty tunes

Can you believe we’re almost  through with 2014? It’s nearly gone, my friends. And like all of you know, that means music, movie, book, etc obsessives like myself will be pouring over their favorite things of 2014 and compiling massive lists for the masses to completely ignore because they will already be bombarded with plenty of massive year-end lists from all those big names like Pitchfork, Spin, Rollingstone, Paste, and Reader’s Digest. Yes, the time for those “best of” has arrived. Time to geek out.

I’m not done with my music list. Hell, I haven’t even started it actually. But I have been going back and revisiting albums from 2014 and seeing what’s still buttering my musical bread, so to speak. The War on Drugs’ Lost In The Dream is definitely still melting my brain. It’s so good it’s scary. And after all the nonsense Adam Granduciel has been through -regarding the brow beating from Mark Kozelek- I’d say that guy and his band deserve some kind of award. But on the merits of that album alone he’s earned my love and respect. Spinning it again last night I was just in awe of the record. So yeah, Lost In The Dream is one of my favorites of the year for sure.

Another album that has gotten tons of play from me this year is Jakob Skott’s Amor Fati. It reminds me of growing up in the 80s and watching all of these lo dough sci fi flicks I’d rent from the back room of my local video store. These mildly cheesy, grainy epics I’d watch late at night with these amazing synth-driven soundtracks. The synthesizer used to compose these scores probably cost more than the making of the films themselves, but I digress. Anyways, Skott has tapped into something special on Amor Fati. It’s like a score to some post-apocalyptic epic no one ever saw. It moves and flows effortlessly from one song to the next, his drum pummeling and bruising along the way as his synth-driven melodies tell a tale through analog means. Truly great stuff.

Real Estate, The Night Terrors, Cloud Nothings, This Will Destroy You, Thom Yorke, Medicine, Steve Gunn, Tweedy, Whirr, Nothing, Sinoia Caves, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Ty Segall, Spoon,….just a few great bands that have put out some of my favorite music this year. Sure, I think it can be a bit pretentious. All this list making and what not. And there was a time I wouldn’t even consider these year-end lists. What’s the point? Who cares what you like or I like? Like what you like and shut the helll up, all right? Well after finding some amazing records on different year-end lists that I didn’t know about I’ve realized that maybe there’s something to these lists. I don’t think these writers, journalists, and blogular music lovers(like myself) are all that pretentious in their list making. I think it comes from the desire to share their love of music. I can get talking about an artist I love and can keep that conversation flowing forever. Throw a beer or two into the mix and you’re talking an evening of easy chair professing as the records spin and the beer bottles empty. Lists are this communal thing that allows folks to leave their opinion somewhere other than in their heads and hearts. Maybe, just maybe, someone will happen across that list and see something they weren’t aware of and check it out. Maybe, just maybe, that album will become one of their favorites. And that band will become something special to that person, all because they read some weirdo’s favorite albums, year-end list online.

You never know.

Be on the lookout for’s favorite albums of the year edition. Are you writing one? What’s your favorite albums of the year? I want to know.

owen pipe
King Pritchard Sizely, President of the List Institute, 1959-1976.


13 thoughts on “My Favorites…2014…Coming Soon

    1. I think there were plenty of great albums this year. There just weren’t any obvious huge records. Lots of sleeper records, really. Going back and looking at what I’ve listened to and written about I’m amazed at how many albums I’ve listened to. It really goes to show how much I listened to that handful of records that grabbed my ear and never let go.

      You should make this your year for the list.

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      1. Yes there was plenty of good stuff but very little for me that was outstanding. I’m maybe on a bit of a come down as 2013 was one of the best years I can remember.

        I’ve still got plenty to choose from to make a list but not much that would have even been in the running if it had been released last year. Still, enough to do it anyway. I’ll spend the next couple of weeks getting reacquainted with the contenders! Are you doing a Top 10?

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      2. I understand the 2013 vs 2014 dilemma. 2013 was an amazing year for music. 2012 was nearly as good, too. I think this year has been filled with lots of growers. With time they’ll blossom, in my opinion anyways.

        Yes, I think I’m going to do a top ten with a few words about each. Then I’ll list the rest of the best…maybe up to a top 20 or something. We shall see. I don’t listen to enough to do a top 50 or 100. I have kids and a full-time job. I don’t have enough time in the day.

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      3. I hoping going through them again will reveal the growers. There’s been a couple so far. I think I might stretch to a ten but no more. I think I might do separate list for reissues too though as there have been some great ones this year.

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  1. Very well said. Lists are very personal but I love going back and listening to all that great music and trying to rank it all. Very difficult but can be very rewarding. I love reading other people’s lists also.

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  2. You gotta love lists!

    I don’t allow myself to work on it until the new year though. In fact I’m working on the bookings for the half-time entertainment at ‘1537 vs. 2014’. Got some big names in the frame.

    I’ve bought more new LPs this year than I’ve done for the last three, or four. I think it’s been a good one.

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  3. I still haven’t gotten around to checking out the new War on Drugs album. Or Tweedy, actually. Or many others.

    But aye. What a quick year. Ridiculous. Looking forward to seeing all the 2014 lists, though.

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    1. Well if Adam and Jeff hadn’t personally delivered their album right to my front door begging me to give them a spin, I may not have heard them myself. Alas, I did both of them a favor and took their records and gave them a listen.

      True story.

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