Complex Distractions Presents : Favorite Albums Of 2020(Part One)

Boy, I never thought the end of 2020 would get here. It seemed like five years rolled into one. Between Covid-19, isolation, quarantining, everything being closed, no concerts, weird work situations, family all home for at-home schooling, and a summer that felt like an extension of spring. Of course there was the election, anti-maskers, conspiracy […]

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Favorite Albums of 2014

It’s been a long time coming(nearly a year by my count) since we’ve done a favorite album of the year list. Upon looking back on the year I’m pretty astounded by how many great records came out. When I first started thinking about it, I was struggling to remember more than a handful of albums. […]

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My Favorites…2014…Coming Soon

Can you believe we’re almost ¬†through with 2014? It’s nearly gone, my friends. And like all of you know, that means music, movie, book, etc obsessives like myself will be pouring over their favorite things of 2014 and compiling massive lists for the masses to completely ignore because they will already be bombarded with plenty […]

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