Greetings to you and you….

DSC04512So it feels like it’s been months since I’ve sat down to write. It hasn’t been months, I know that. But it does seem like it’s been awhile. Sure, I’ve been keeping busy writing reviews of excellent albums. I’ve got a couple great local bands to review. Great stuff. Here’s the thing, the reason I started this little spot known as was so I could babble on about whatever came into my head. Somewhere I could spend a thousand words on something that happened thirty years ago or something that happened last week. It seems as of late life has had other plans for me. Plans that haven’t involved talking your ear off about horrible gigs, childhood shenanigans, favorite beer, or albums I’m spinning in my underwear in the evening.

My wife recently started a new job. It’s a great job, really. She’s now working for a company that takes school photos. You know, those people that took your picture in the elementary school library when you were 8? Yeah, that’s her now. It’s actually a really great gig, and the fact that she’s been involved with our PTO for several years now gives her a distinct advantage working with teachers, administrators, and students alike. The pay is good, benefits, family-owned business, and lots of great perks. For one, she can now fix my hair every time we get our picture taken. Well, maybe that’s not a perk. The company is based in North Carolina and has conventions/meetings/shindigs every June. They fly her down, set her up in a hotel, and feed her for three or four days. They will fly me with her as well if we so desire. Maybe not this year, but definitely at some point.

So this new job requires my wife, not a morning person, to get up at the butt crack of dawn as she needs to be at these schools by 7am. So since I was already getting up at the butt crack of dawn I need to get up at the southern most region of the butt crack of dawn to make sure the kids(and wife) are up, fed, and ready for the day. I’m up at 3:30am now so I have an hour or so of coffee and reading time before insanity starts. Honesty, I kind of like this. Sure, dragging my ass out of bed at a time when even the early bird says “F*ck it, hit the snooze” isn’t great. But once I’m up and the coffee is poured it’s a rather nice feeling to have that quiet time. I suppose I could be writing then, but the creative juices are still a bit slow going. It’s better to just sit, sip, and read at 4am. My wife is in her second week of training and she’s doing great. They keep telling her she’s a natural, and I’d believe it. The kids are adjusting the best they can. Before they were used to getting up between 6:45am and 7am, now they’re getting up at 5:15am. I think my son was sleeping in his eggs this morning. It’s a slow process.

Besides this new adventure, I’ve been working on lots of music. I did some rearranging in the studio over the weekend and it’s invigorated me. I’ve got three new songs in different states of completion. Ordered a new mic that should be in today. I had this great Behringer B1 condenser mic I used for years. Loved the vocals I got with it. Last year it finally ceased to exist after nearly 8 years. I bought an Audio Technica AT2020 last year to replace it and though it works just fine, it doesn’t have quite the clarity the Behringer had. I love the AT2020 for guitar. Has a nice warmth that tones down the single coil jangle of my Fender Mustang, and I can get a decent vocal when I finagle with it enough. But I just missed the Behringer’s “sound”. I stayed home with a sick kid yesterday and decided I’d drop $100 and replace my beloved Behringer. Looking forward to getting it. As well as recording for myself, I’m also going to do some collaborations. This weekend I’ve got a fellow musician coming over to do some stuff. His name is Ian Skeans and he’s got his own band thing called Pink Balloon Band that’s really pretty great. Check it out here.  Not sure what we’ll come up with, but we should have fun doing it. My cousin Josiah Gaut recently contacted me about helping him with some songs he has. He’s an incredibly talented musician and I’m really looking forward to what he’s got. He was in this hardcore/grindcore/screamo/emo(Elmo?) band called Kingston Falls that were pretty popular a few years ago. Now he’s in a band called Von Strantz. You should check them out as they’re pretty incredible.

So that’s what’s going on, or has been going on. Hope all is well with you. I won’t be gone like that again. Promise.


17 thoughts on “Greetings to you and you….

  1. sweet studio! i’m super jealous. I’m sitting in my low-to-the-ground bedroom studio space right at this very moment. Yrs is nicer, but we all get by! I didn’t know you made music.
    Congrats on the new job and for getting up so early! I’m in a similar boat, my SO gets up early to go to work, and i tend to work in the night, or whenver i can get a spare moment of peace, really. It’s a challenge, as i don’t want to never see her, so i’ve taken to hanging out in the evenings, which means i have become entirely nocturnal. I agree with what you say about those blissful, silent hours. It’s the only time i can get anything done, but my brain is half-crazed by that point, so it’s not ideal.
    Anyway nice to have you back! You were missed.


    1. Thank you sir! It’s good to be back. And you take those moments when you can get them. It’s funny though, as I get older I’m becoming much more productive in the mornings. Saturday and Sunday mornings are spend in the studio. That’s when I’m the most creative. By 4 or 5pm, I’m ready to listen to music instead of create it.

      As long as you have a space to call your very own, that’s really all that matters. It’s taken me 14 years to get my space right, but I think I finally found a good spot for everything. Makes all the difference in that creative process. I’d love to hear some of your stuff, if it’s available to hear.

      Thanks again.


  2. Hey, just do what you have to do. Write whatever is on your mind. (Music is always a nice touch.) A blog is never going away until you completely shut it down. You always have a seat at the table.

    Congrats on your, your wife’s, and your family’s endeavors! That is a pretty sick studio, drawings and all. .


      1. Going to bed that early you mean? That’s because you’re far cooler than me. I’m an old man trapped in a middle-aged man’s body.


  3. Hi JHubner…I was trying to figure out where I’ve seen your gravatar before…1537! Very good. Following you now. Keep it up, and hopefully them kids won’t be sleeping in their eggs soon enough. 🙂


    1. I suppose it’s better than sleeping in oatmeal.

      And yes, I’m a frequent visitor to 1537’s home away from home. We both spend too much money on vinyl and share our tales of woe.

      Looking forward to reading more from you.


      1. We’ll get along just fine.

        I assume getting up as early as 3 in the morning, you need yours good and strong. I get up at 5 and grind and perc my own. I come from a lineage of java-drinkers. Thankfully the hubs also likes a strong brew.


      2. Oh yes. What’s the point if it doesn’t have that get up and go? Anything less and I might as well be drinking hot water.

        Percolator? Nice. You mean business. Me and my Mr. Coffee will go back to the kid’s table now.


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