Sunday Salsa…and Guacamole

We’ve arrived at yet another Sunday, and that means another end to a weekend. It’s always sad to see a weekend go. “Goodbye weekend. We had a great time together, didn’t we? Yeah, that thing we did was so much fun. Okay, be careful driving. Watch out for deer. Call when you get home!” But before we know it the weekend will return. We’ll have more fun and more adventures. Until then, another crap-tastic work week is upon us.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty decent. Cambodia Highball got together and recorded the first song for our second volume of music. Sure, volume one isn’t out yet. But you can never have enough songs in the can. Just ask Bob Pollard. Anyways, that went really well. It’s a big ol’ rock n’ roll number filled guitar skronk and a krautrock back end that’ll carry you through the week.

My wife took my girls to a marching band competition Saturday night, while my son and I stayed home. We checked out some crappy used records downtown, then hit up Chimp’s Comix. We also ran into one of my oldest friends at Karma Records. Mr. Jason Stephenson was perusing when we walked in. Jason did the artwork for four of the Goodbyewave albums. We plan on having a beer together in a couple weeks. The boy and I headed home for pizza, chips, and some manly entertainment in the form of ‘All-Star Superman’.

Today I worked on another song for another music project I’m dabbling in. More on that later. Today is nacho day. As you can see from the pic I make my own salsa and guacamole. Nothing better than fresh. Btw, the pic is my wife’s handiwork. She posted it proudly on that Friendster site everyone talks about. We also had a Paul Revere project to help my son with. Good times.

Enjoy your Sunday evening. Enjoy ‘Breaking Bad’. Tell me nothing. I watch it on Monday night(thanks Amazon).


8 Replies to “Sunday Salsa…and Guacamole”

  1. That sounds fun!

    My weekend? Since you asked, I got to watch and contribute to flood waters that came and went (without threat to the safety of those I care about). Those waters made this place seem foreign, washing away or altering all my favorite nearby outdoors places. So, tabula rasa weekend for me. There’s something soothing about nature’s disdain for the way we create our lives.

    Darn it, did I get some philosophical on you? It’ll wash out.


    1. Glad to hear you and yours were out of harm’s way, but you’re on to something with the whole nature’s disdain for how we create our lives. I’ve often thought of that when I’ve seen natural disasters. At times it seems to me that it’s the great entity’s way of saying “Nah. Twerk to this.” But then you realize that these disasters mostly affect those that shouldn’t have to take the brunt of mother nature’s rage.

      I then just get frustrated at the thought that the great higher power is the equivalent of the football jock in high school picking on the kid with the Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut books in his backpack.


      1. I think nature has as much regard for us as we do for the microscopic bugs we squash when we walk. There’s no intent to cause harm, but the two have such different scales as to be living in different worlds.

        Too much philosophizing and it’ll cause a permanent stain!


    1. We’re up to the current episode, “Ozymandias”. Probably the most intense 40 or so minutes of television I’ve ever watched. Such amazing writing and acting.

      I will mourn its ending for a very long time. And you? Where are you at?


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