Friday the 13th

downsizeToday is Friday the 13th. I can’t report any bad luck for today. I mean, no more than I normally deal with anyways. It was actually a rather pleasant Friday the 13th. The weather finally broke and it was a beautiful cool day. A fall day. Upper 60s for a high. It’ll get down to the low 40s tonight. This is the weather I wait for every year. Break out the hooded sweatshirt and jean jacket kids.

On this particular Friday the 13th I’ve got the house to myself. Well, me and the dog have the house to ourselves. My wife is helping at the school for the Family Movie Night and the two youngest are there. I took them in -along with a couple of the neighbor kids- around 6:30pm to enjoy Hotel, Transylvania, free popcorn, pizza, and candy. I’m sure it will be a blast. Why am I not there? Well, if it were a normal Friday evening I probably would be. But my wife got the night off and this is the first movie night she’s been able to attend as she’s normally working till 7pm. So she went in and said I could stay home. I didn’t think twice. So, the plan was for my oldest daughter and I to just chill out at home and maybe grab a bite to eat and watch a movie. That was not to be, as she got invited over to one of her BFFs to spend the night.

Alone again, naturally…

That’s all right. I get to play the stereo as loud as I want and indulge in some Michelob Amberbock brews. I was going to put on Django Unchained and watch that while everyone was gone, but vinyl and beer just sounded better to me. Hell, I should watch Friday the 13th. Or four of them. Ehh..I’ll just stick with the music and beer for now.

So what are you all doing on this Friday evening? Come on, don’t be shy. I want to hear from you. Light up the phone lines. Blow up the comment section. Let me know you’re out there and listening. If you’re having a beer tonight, what are you drinking? Listening to some music? What are you listening to?

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


17 Replies to “Friday the 13th”

  1. Silence is Golden over here… Just some crickets doing their thing and the dog occasionally snoring. I may turn on Pandora in a bit, though… I’m always open to new band/station suggestions!


    1. Crickets doing their thing…dog snoring…sounds nice. Crack open a cerveza and you’re set.

      Well I’m always open to suggest bands! What I’ve been listening to tonight: White Hills’ ‘So You Are…So You’ll Be…’, Moon Duo’s ‘Circles’, and Wooden Shjips ‘Vol. II’. You should check out Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo if you’ve never heard them before. Moon Duo would go well with your Friday evening.

      Thanks for checking in Jessica! Always great to hear from you!


      1. I adore The Flaming Lips! I caught their last show in Bloomington a couple years ago… Totally memorable, to say the least!
        I will check out your suggestions, thanks John!
        I would indeed be imbibing this evening, but I’m on call… Que lastima!


      2. Duty calls, I understand. Here’s to a quiet evening with no surprises.

        Paige and I saw the Lips two years ago in Chicago at the Aragon Ballroom. They played The Soft Bulletin in its entirety. It was amazing!

        I think you’d definitely like Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo. Moon Duo is great elliptical music! Keeps you moving when all you want to do is stop.


  2. Me? I’m watching the flood waters drift off to Nebraska. Plus I had a lucky day with a good talk with my boss (who knew it was possible) and a desperately needed last second appointment. Peace is coming, be sure of that. Oh, and BOOKS which grab my mind in a good way.

    “Alone again, naturally”. A song lyric? Is it? I can’t place it. There’s the Damned “Alone Again (Or)” and that Lionel Richie song. What am I forgetting?


    1. Gilbert O’ Sullivan. The ultimate sadsack song. I’d say look it up, but don’t.

      I’m glad you’re not watching the floodwaters from a makeshift raft with Huck by your side. That’s awesome about your talk with your boss AND your appointment. Peace be with you, blogging bro!

      What books are you reading? I’m finishing a John Coltrane biography and am considering starting the Harry Potter series. The talk of a new book is making me feel like an outsider.


      1. Vernor Vinge’s “Rainbows End” (Sci-fi) and Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul” (a self-help book to help me think right).

        And looking at the sun peeking out as it sets over mountains formerly covered by our soon-to-be flood.


      2. Several towns below some breaking dams. They’re in and next to the mountains. I’m 5 miles out on the prairie with no reservoirs upstream. The worst of it is now further north. Still, Dana got stranded (safely and unharmed) by the flood in Boulder last night.


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