I’m looking down the barrel of a 3-day weekend. What better way to celebrate that than partaking in a couple libations? Founders’ ‘Backwoods Bastard’ was my first delight. 11.2% of barrel-aged loveliness. It’s sweet, syrup-y, and just enough kick on the low end to let you know you’re not drinking something mass-produced. I’m currently enjoying […]

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Friday Thoughts

Some Friday thoughts: May your coffee stay hot, but your demeanor cool May your boss keep a liberal distance May the phone not ring, and the breakroom not stink May the copier not offer any resistance Here’s to another, week under the belt And at 5PM the traffic not vociferous For there’s beer in the […]

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No, this isn’t a pro-abstinence post. It really has nothing to do with abstinence. Please, continue the fraternizing and heavy petting. No, actually I’m just sitting here on a blustery December Sunday afternoon with the snow accumulating outside. We’ve been under a winter storm warning all day and will be until late tonight. We could […]


Ode To A Friday

From the 4th grade up to 9th grade my favorite day of the week was Friday. That’s not all together odd, really. I mean, I’m sure there were LOTS of people whose favorite day of the week was Friday. For me it started around 3pm when we’d get all of our graded tests and homework […]

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Good Weekend

Okay, I’m beat. It was a jam-packed weekend of record store visits, car rides to the big city, good food, incredible live music, and swanky hotel room living. I’ll tell you the short version as I’m tired and ready to sleep for 12 hours. This was Record Store Day weekend. There wasn’t a bunch of […]

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Friday, I’ve missed thee….

Finally, Friday is here. It’s been far too long. After groceries, running kids here and there, renting videos, and picking up pizzas, my ass is finally in my chair next to my records spinning BoC’s ‘Geodaddi’ that I just picked up. You know, they say home is where the heart is(who are they, and who […]

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Weekend Spins

Saturday is upon us once more. I’ve spent a good portion of this Saturday in my basement like some sort of unshowered troll digging through piles of unused and unloved toys. Trash bags filled, they wait for trash day to be handled by our fine friends at Staffords Waste. Until trash day, there are other […]

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Sunday Salsa…and Guacamole

We’ve arrived at yet another Sunday, and that means another end to a weekend. It’s always sad to see a weekend go. “Goodbye weekend. We had a great time together, didn’t we? Yeah, that thing we did was so much fun. Okay, be careful driving. Watch out for deer. Call when you get home!” But […]

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Friday Night Jams

It’s Friday night.  It’s here.  Just like last week, and the week before that.  Is this Friday different?  Every Friday is different.  They’re all equally great in that for most of us it signals the end of the work week.  It’s time to put our feet up and chill out.  Have a drink and listen […]

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