Fischer & Forde : It’s Just Business

There’s an uninhibited joy on Fischer & Forde’s debut album It’s Just Business. The dance/disco/house LP begs you to unplug from the big machine, put on your dancing shoes, and give into the grooves. It’s the kind of album you decimate your eardrums with in the car and drive an extra couple blocks just so you can finish it, only to sit in the driveway when you get home and give it another go round. Pure groove abandon.

Fischer & Forde is the alias for musicians/producers Cory Kilduff and Luis Dubuc. Friends for decades as artist and producer, the two musicians decided to break from the doldrums of the pandemic and isolation and give into their shared love of disco and formed the duo Fischer & Forde. Locking into the classic disco formula(Giorgio Moroder and Patrick Cowley production grandeur) with French House giving us a bridge back to the decade of decadence while keeping our heads firmly in the present. It’s Just Business is an album made for getting lost in the music and dancing. Whether you can dance is of no concern.

Persian cat, Studio shot on color background.

Over the course of 8 lushly-layered and shimmering tracks, Fischer & Forde(aka Kilduff and Dubuc) waste no time getting things started. “Beam Of Light” opens things off with an almost Gershwin hat tip, but quickly locks into an infectious sway. Big vocals, big grooves, and a triumphant vibe all around. As if to say not even a pandemic can keep this from banging hard. Title track “It’s Just Business” slips into 80s electro pop a bit, but when the vocals kick in it’s groove-inflected R&B all the way. “Money” is big all the way around; lush arrangement, fantastic vocals, and a touch of melancholic sway in the minor key melodies.

Kilduff and Dubuc bring to the proceedings years of musical knowledge and experience, both being accomplished producers, composers, and performers. Pulling from a background as diverse as hardcore, electronica, indie pop, heavy synth/score work, these two coming together would be nothing short of prolific. They make tracks like “Free To Be” and “Peach Colored Wine” come to shimmering, kinetic life.

It’s Just Business feels like the album we need right now. Over the course of 8 lushly-produced and joyous disco tracks we’re invited into an exclusive club where the only prerequisite is leave your baggage at the door. Just let it all go and lose yourself for bit.

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