Weird Nightmare : Weird Nightmare

Alex Edkins main gig is guitarist/vocalist for Canadian post-punk/noise stalwarts METZ. The three-piece band has been blowing minds and eardrums for nearly 15 years now, releasing four full-lengths, a compilation of b-sides and unreleased tracks, plus a live album in 2021. Their sound is a cacophony of jagged feedback, punk rock drumming, and thunderous bass covered in layers of fuzz. Edkins voice comes through like a half croon/half condemnation delivered in a howl that emanates from a black hole of angst.

But even with the aggression and barb wired delivery there’s always been a pop element to their sound. A melody lives among the chaos, with touches of The Soft Boys and Husker Dü coming thru. The Steve Albini-produced Strange Peace brought to fruition those In Utero comparisons and legitimized these Toronto guys to post-punk kings status.

On Alex Edkins’ solo album debut as Weird Nightmare he leans into those pop sensibilities full-on. The excellent self-titled debut is a loud, catchy, pop-heavy record that leans into those Soft Boys vibes, adding touches of Big Sugar and Buzzcocks. This is your summer jam.

Single “Lusitania” is a smorgasbord of jangle and shimmering melodies with touches of post-punk dissonance thrown in for good measure. Edkins almost goes into power pop territory here, going nostalgia-heavy in a way that makes this song feel like it’d been locked in a time capsule for 40 years. The kind of song that begs to be cranked in the car and sung along to at the top of your lungs. “Wrecked” features artist Bully and rings with 80s college rock glee keeping those shimmering guitar lines going.

Elsewhere album opener “Searching For You” has the grit and grime of garage rock with touches of Ty Segall and Japandroids. “Darkroom” goes full-on New Wave. All that’s missing is a little synth line thrown in for good meausre. “Nibs” and “Dream” have elements of Edkins’ main gig, but with a little more Pixies and less Mission Of Burma.

Weird Nightmare is a fantastic, noisy, messy pop album. Alex Edkins made the most of the pandemic by leaning heavily into his love of pop hooks, jangle guitar, and 80s college rock. If you love bands like The Soft Boys, Big Sugar, The Feelies, and even early Elvis Costello and the Attractions, then Weird Nightmare is going to be a dream for your ears.

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