Roman New Time : Your Voice As A Cymbal

Can you feel it? It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling when there’s a shift in the local musical scene. It’s exciting, kind of dangerous, and all-encompassing when you lock in. There seems to be this whole new vibe happening in Fort Wayne; Namen Namen, Uncle Muscle, Burial Party, Snakehandler Church, and Squirrel Cage are bands that seem to be dominating stages and ears as of late, and with that comes a new wave of insane talent and proof that Fort Wayne can hold their own against big boys like Chicago, Cleveland, Philly, and Louisville.

Another band you can add to that list is Roman New Time, the weirdo-pop side project of Ron Record who is the drummer for the insaciable Namen Namen. Where Ron’s main gig are painting Midwest Parquet Courts and Teleivsion dreams, Roman New Time is going full lo-fi Sebadoh-meets-Malkmus with a touch of K Records magic. Wonky drum machines, indie pop harmonies, and just the right amount of chaos makes his debut Your Voice As A Cymbal your new favorite musical oddity.

If you’re looking for angular post-punk riffs and attitude for miles then you may be in for a surprise with Roman New Time. Imagine your kid teen brother finding a box of broken Casio keys, Radio Shack mics, and that out-of-tune acoustic guitar in your closet and making something really cool out of them on Garageband. A cassette left on your pillow that says ‘Your Voice As A Cymbal’, that makes you feel proud and equally a failure at the same time. That’s Roman New Time.

Songs range from wobbly melancholy(“Lullaby Bobby”, “Fun Hex”) to pop music eating itself inside out(“Junior”, “Walls With Wings”). “Copy and Paste Any Good Feeling” is bittersweet pop that veers into almost weirdo avant garde territory. Record seems to love building pop songs, then deconstructing them and piecing them together with whatever is lying around. Fans of early Malkmus, No Age, K Records, and R. Stevie Moore will find much to love and appreciate here. 7 tracks that never do the same thing twice. Beautiful weirdo pop art.

The Fort Wayne music scene is popping right now, and Ron Record’s Roman New Time is helping lead the way. Your Voice As A Cymbal is out now on Beef Fat Records and anywhere you can stream music.

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