Alone 1980 : Street Trash From Outer Space

With the return of Sweden’s Alone 1980 means another solid imagined soundtrack. This time around it’s Street Trash From Outer Space, a title that I could have very easily eyed on the wall of Video World back in 1985 while looking for The Evil Dead or Pieces.

Following up his previous Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 series, Alone 1980 returns to an imagined score that is part Invasion of the Body Snatchers, They Live, and maybe even Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce. By the gloriously retro album cover alone, I can envision Kelly LeBrock or Shannon Tweed starring in this late night cable sci fi sleaze. Musically, let the heavy synth sleaze take you the rest of the way to this late night listen.

There’s not much I can say for this great slab of retro horror synth that Alone 1980 can’t do by just blasting this album into your brain. Once again, this imagined soundtrack maestro builds a world with an album cover, song titles, and of course a beautifully curated selection of song cues that bring to mind the best of the late-70s and early-80s horror and sci-fi scores.

With Street Trash From Outer Space there’s an inner city strut to it. “Death Dimension” sounds like early 80s NYC. Touches of Francesco De Masi’s New York Ripper score are present, as well as Rob’s Maniac. You can also feel the grime on your skin. “Quiet Heroes” builds slowly with a touch of spaced-out psychedelia. “Body Heat” has an almost robotic funk to it, which brings to mind the excellent Mr Eff(check out Eyes Down if this tickles your fancy.)

There are touches of dream-like beauty, like on the lush “Planet Earth 13:52”. There’s a tranquility here that pulls you in. “Dream World” is more melancholy than what came before, but doesn’t lose the urban strut either. Of course final track “Final Cut” lets it be known there was no Hollywood ending for Street Trash From Outer Space. Humanity may have won, but not without plenty of loss along the way.

Another solid imagined soundtrack from Alone 1980, Street Trash From Outer Space is the trashy, 80s-inspired low budget sci fi score you’ve been missing in your life. All of the amazing music without having to waste $2.50 on the VHS rental.

7.9 out of 10

‘Street Trash From Outer Space’ is available now. Buy it here.

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