Alone 1980 : Night Lights

The latest from Sweden’s Alone 1980 isn’t short on dread and Gothic doom. It seems to dig into the macabre and things that go bump in the night in a visceral and melancholy way. Given what we saw in the US just last week in the nation’s capital, I think this is the soundtrack we […]

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Alone 1980 : The Unknown

A new album from Sweden’s Alone 1980 is always something to look forward to. The imagined soundtrack/heavy synth one-man project digs deep into the woozy sounds and shadowy worlds of old school VHS horror. Those b-movies you’d find on the back wall of the video store in the mid-80s. The schlocky sci-fi, the blood-drenched splatter […]

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Default Mode Network : A Talk With Circadian Rhythm Section’s Derek Jones; “Imposter Syndrome” Video Premiere

It’s been an amazing year for music. If you don’t think so, you’re ears aren’t open. In-particular, the year in electronic/heavy synth has been incredible. From artists like Hunter Complex, Skragn, Jonas Munk and Nicklas Sorensen; to Galactic Protector, Skeleton Beach, Mr. Eff, and Cory Kilduff, the year has been an overwhelming wave of forward-thinking […]

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Alone 1980 : Voyage

The Swedish heavy synth project Alone 1980 has released an impressive collection of instrumental/horror soundtrack-inspired albums in the course of just a little over a year. One EP and six full-length albums filled with analog dread and giallo-heavy vibes since August 2018 means Alone 1980 has plenty to say. On Alone 1980s latest release, the […]

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Alone 1980 : Beyond

Alone 1980 works in the realm of the classic horror synth soundtrack. It’s not necessarily a new thing, the imagined soundtrack. But in order to do it right and keep someone like me engaged you have to commit fully. If you’re going to make sickly, claustrophobic songs that could fit right into a trashy, B-movie […]

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Repeated Viewing : The Beach House

A few college buddies are meandering along the coast of the North Sea after a night of pub hopping and general drunken fun. The beach leads these hungover friends to a dilapidated beach house, complete with “STAY OUT” signs, overgrown pool, and a general sense of unease as the sun slowly rises. The faint, newfound […]

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Daniel Davies : Events Score

If musician and composer Daniel Davies hadn’t ended up down the career path he had, it would have been shocking and a loss for us all. Given that Davies’ father is one half of the brothers Davies(the younger half Dave) of The Kinks fame and his Godfather is the Master of Horror himself John Carpenter, […]

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Vi Res : Cold Century

Michael Figucio’s musical project Vi Res dabbles in the darker, colder realms of heavy synth music. When I listen to something like Lost Score or Silent Collective I get the feeling of watching some deeply abused VHS tape I rented for a Friday night viewing. Seedy scenes of city streets and midnight clubs, black leather […]

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