Salvatore Mercatante & Veins Full Of Static : Machine Memories

The latest trip dropping from the UK electronic label Waxing Crescent Records is a two-part collaboration between New York’s Salvatore Mercatante and the UK project Veins Full Of Static called Machine Memories. These two prolific artists split album sides for long form, existential floats into the ether. Ambient in spirit, but each artist approaches their songs differently.

It’s yet another standout release from the new label, as well as a consisent flow of forward-thinking electronic music from both artists.

Salvatore Mercatante opens the album with his epic “Multiple Machines”. There’s a slow build here, with Mercatante creating a sonic haze with synth and giving the track a backbone of a slinky percussive rhythm. The song fades, then builds back up with a more prominent rhythm. There’s almost a dance vibe here, albeit a more nuanced, laid back one. Mercatante has proven adept at subtle techno, experimental, and Berlin School vibes, and with “Multiple Machines” he incorporates them all here beautifully and to great effect.

Veins Full Of Static’s “We Care About Your Memories” has the feeling of a waking dream. Echoing music which seems to be emanating from some other realm repeats over and over as a wash of ambient noise works its way into the picture. There’s a sort of chaos here; music echoes underneath the bees swarm noise of something both euphoric and apocalyptic. “We Care About Your Memories” works as a total psychic digital bath on the brain, as well as an overwhelming musical piece that seems to accentuate how big the universe is and how insignificant we truly are.

With Waxing Crescent Records previously two releases there seems to be a theme, which is this improvisational conversation between artist and instrument. A sort of free form work that pulls inspiration from the blank spaces. Ideas morphing and finding their way to the surface from the ether of creativity. And with the album art of Eidolon donning each release, that theme and connection is all the more prominent. These albums feel like chapters of a very heady, far out book. Salvatore Mercatante and Veins Full Of Static have added yet another heady and introspective chapter.

Machine Memories is a head space of vast sonic bliss and gauzy, numbed peace. It feels like synthetic thoughts inside a long forgotten mainframe, reaching out for some kind of connection. At the very least, recognition. At the most, a revelation.

Machine Memories’ is out now via Waxing Crescent Records. Buy it here.

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