Camp Of Wolves : Dragoon

David Salisbury’s Camp Of Wolves has been one of those musical projects that I’ve been completely enamored with ever since I first heard Granite Creek a year and a half ago. That album rolled along like quiet melancholy; ambient and drone textures coalesced with emotional heft and vulnerability. His debut with label Soundtracking The Void […]

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Kuma : Hounds and Echo In Conjunction

On experimental electronic artist Kuma’s latest release, the Vancouver-based sound wizard gives us something between the sparse spaces of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas and the droning brilliance of Mica Levi’s Under The Skin. Hounds and Echo In Conjunction is an alluring and hypnotic take on the imagined soundtrack. According to record label Waxing Crescent Records’ […]

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Camp Of Wolves : Green Timbers

The first time I heard David Salisbury’s musical project Camp Of Wolves was the album Granite Creek(out in January on Soundtracking The Void.)The music on that album entrances; baroque electronic that whispers melodies through circuits and sound manipulation. Salisbury makes music that sounds of his surroundings, which is the dense forests and intimidating countryside of […]

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Salvatore Mercatante & Veins Full Of Static : Machine Memories

The latest trip dropping from the UK electronic label Waxing Crescent Records is a two-part collaboration between New York’s Salvatore Mercatante and the UK project Veins Full Of Static called Machine Memories. These two prolific artists split album sides for long form, existential floats into the ether. Ambient in spirit, but each artist approaches their […]

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