Pete Dio and the Old & Dirty : Y’all Trying To Kill Me

Musician and songwriter Pete Dio knows his way around a drum kit, as he proved being the drum basher for Left Lane Cruiser. He also knows his way around a guitar and a melody. His work over the years in the Fort Wayne music scene has always dabbled in a little of everything, but roots music has been at the core of his sound.

On his newest album with his band Pete Dio and the Old & Dirty titled Y’all Trying To Kill Me, Dio locks into some serious country punk vibes that’s equal parts outlaw country, Appalachian roots, and punk rock attitude.

“Crash and Burn” busts through the speakers like an old friend wanting to drag you into some serious trouble with a night on the town. Pedal steel twangs in the air as Dio sings with equal twang and attitude in his voice. “Don’t Ask Me” sounds like Uncle Tupelo locking into Johnny Cash vibes with a country shuffle you can’t not tap your toe to. “Fairweather Friends” is a ballad of sorts, lamenting those smiling faces that will end up stabbing you in the back when you least expect it. The song has more of an old-timey quality, more of a turn-of-the-century blues feel and a touch of gypsy folk music.

Pete Dio has the songwriting chops, but without a band that can back up what he’s cooking up in his head it just wouldn’t work. Fortunately Dio has assembled an amazing group of Fort Wayne’s finest musicians to bring his roots-y tales to visceral life. The production work of Jason Davis at Off The Cuff solidifies Dio’s vision for this record.

Throughout Y’all Trying To Kill Me Pete Dio and the Old & Dirty lay down a collection of dusty roots tunes that feel as classic and traditional as they do modern and relevant. If you like your music a little brusied and a little rough ‘n tumble, then look no further than Y’all Trying To Kill Me.

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