Burial Party : Burial Party

Sometimes(or maybe most of the time) you want music that isn’t hidden under studio tricks, far out concepts, or hard to crack veneers. There’s something very primal about music that is raw, in-your-face, and visceral. Even a lot of hardcore and post-hardcore bands fall victim to art rock shenanigans and they become more of a […]

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Kevin Hambrick : Talking Birds

Kevin Hambrick has been a staple in the Midwest music scene for 20 years, leading the indie rock charge in both The Orange Opera and as a solo artist. Regardless of which project Hambrick is writing in and for, the sound is decidedly Hambrick. With his solo work Kevin Hambrick handles all the band duties […]

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Sankofa : BLKTCHP2

One of the most prolific Fort Wayne artists is easily Sankofa. There’s a monolithic creative force behind the man known in everyday life as Stephen Bryden. When he grabs the notebook, the mic, and puts on the fly kicks he becomes one of the finest rappers in the Midwest. With a catalog years deep and […]

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Sankofa : Legacy Materials

Midwest MC Sankofa is not one to let much time lag between projects. Whether it’s constantly writing verses for new tracks, collaborating with friends, fellow MCs, producers, or coming up with ingenious new merch to help promote his work, Sankofa does not waste a drop of creative juice. Stephen Bryden, aka Sankofa, doesn’t let a […]

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Namen Namen : Namen Namen EP

Every once in a while a local band sends an album my way and I get the feeling they won’t be a local band for long. Fort Wayne has seen its share of amazing artists; Orange Opera, Vandolah, Thunderhawk, B-Sharps, and Heaven’s Gateway Drugs to name a few. Four-piece Namen Namen can now be added […]

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Strange Waters : Deep Dive

The Fort Wayne surf rock purveyors Strange Waters have returned, much like the tide, for another round of surfin’ jangle and deep sea rockin’ and rollin’. Yes, just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water Strange Waters have returned to blow your mind, eardrums, and speakers with the killer 9-track […]

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Sankofa : BLKTCHP

Does MC Sankofa sleep? Is there any downtime for this Midwest rapper? If you check out the list of albums he’s been putting out at a record pace I’d say no. If he’s not plotting the next album with some killer production courtesy of some amazing producer friends, he’s dropping videos of him freestyling over […]

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Sparkle Teeth : Sparkle Teeth EP

On Dan Kinnaley’s debut EP as Sparkle Teeth, he locks into this sonically-rich musical world where early 90s fuzz intermingles with shoegaze pop and post-hardcore grit. In other words, if you grew up on bands like Polvo, Dino Jr, Lush, and find those vibes in modern bands like Protomartyr, Cloakroom, and Whirr, then Sparkle Teeth […]

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