Dream Division Returns With ‘Legend Of Lizard Lake’, Out May 7th; Listen To “Mystic Quest”

Tom McDowell’s Dream Division is one of those prolific music projects that’s usually readying a new release not long after the previous one just dropped. He’s an artist that is in a constant creative flow, working in heavy synth, psych, Giallo, prog, or a combination of all three. Since the launch of his record label Library of the Occult we’ve had a steady flow of forward-thinking music; from Dream Division and various projects McDowell is involved in as well as artists like Ogre, Timothy Fife, The Heartwood Institute, Drew Mullholland, and Ivan The Terrible.

The next release from LOTO will be a new long player from Dream Division. Legend Of Lizard Lake is a full-on synth/psych freakout based on the old Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s. A personal favorite series of books for me, those were highly coveted books in my elementary. Many a knife fight broke out because kids in Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Buster Browns didn’t get Vol. 3 of Mike’s Trip To The Center Of The Earth.

Here’s what Tom McDowell had to say about the release:

Up next is the epic tale of Lizard Lake. Based on the choose your own adventure books and classic RPG’s it’s a Synth/psych score to take you through treacherous lands. Pressed on Lizard scale vinyl, limited to 300 copies and a available to pre order May 7th.”

Today you get to hear a preview of this epic musical ode to childhood decision-making 101 and D&D mysticism with the excellent track “Mystic Quest”. The whole album is incredible, but this song stuck out for me. It sort of encapsulates all of McDowell’s strengths; the melancholy melody, the ethereal synth, the Giallo melodrama, and his unique ability to create a kind of timeless feel within the confines of a four-minute track. There’s a baroque quality here to where I could easily imagine this song being played on a harpsichord in some parlour room as onlookers stare blankly among flickering candlelight. It’s brooding, melancholy, haunted, and pulls you into the world of Lizard Lake.

The track was written by McDowell, along with his longtime collaborator and friend Jack Goldstein. Goldstein is also part of the Dream Division live crew, as well as singer/songwriter in his own right(check him out here.)

Listen to “Mystic Quest” below. ‘Legend of Lizard Lake’ will be available via Library of the Occult May 7th on limited edition vinyl and cassette. Hit LOTO up here May 7th for the goods.

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