Shortwave Broadcaster Returns With ‘Intuition’ in October; Listen To Opening Track

Keith Canisius has kept busy these last few months. He released his debut as Shortwave Broadcaster titled Afraid of Ai in July, and followed that up with a new single called “Why now” in August. And just last week he announced the follow up to Afraid of Ai titled Intuition, which will be released October 2nd. Lockdowns and pandemics have not kept him down. They seem to have fueled his need to create.

Where Afraid of Ai felt dreamlike and crystalline, Intuition, from the two tracks I’ve heard, sounds denser and more experimental in nature. Still using guitar and bass processed thru his Eurorack, Canisius uses the opening title track as a means to take us into this new world. Over the course of ten minutes a continuous pulse of noise seems to break thru the ether. It almost sounds like a machine attempting to start up but can’t quite do it. Reverberating as if emanating from some other dimension, the song takes on an almost hallucinatory state.

Repetitive in form and hypnotic by nature, “Intuition” is a jarring and exciting portal into album number two for Shortwave Broadcaster.

By contrast, “Down to earth” has a much more sleepy, meditative vibe. Guitar strings shimmer with light and life creating this warm and comforting pocket of hope to lay your head in for a bit. There’s almost a glitch-y quality to the sound as the track moves forward, but never losing the song’s peaceful intent.

Intuition will arrive on October 2nd. You can preorder the album now over at Shortwave Broadcaster’s Bandcamp page. You should do that. And snag up Afraid of Ai if you haven’t yet already. Keith Canisius is making truly forward-thinking ambient/experimental guitar music. Innovators should be celebrated, so celebrate by buying great art.

Listen to Intuition below. Preorder the new Shortwave Broadcaster here. Out October 2nd. 

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