Flyover Sounds : Bonsai’s “Golden Hue”

Growing up is filled with all kinds of confusing, painful, beautiful, and ultimately scarring experiences. First loves, first heartbreaks, first tragedies, and also first real connections with other like-minded souls. Those people that see you for what you really are, not what style of jeans or sneakers you wear. They judge you on your favorite horror film, Stephen King book, and Rush album.

Okay, those are what MY friends judged me on.

But you get it. Those “real deal” besties know the true you by the music you love, the songs your memorize word for word, and whether you’d rather watch The Breakfast Club or Pitch Perfect on a Friday night. Fort Wayne band Bonsai are besties of the highest order. Young guys and gals that make the kind of music you crank in your car on long road trips to nowhere in-particular. The fist-pumping, arena-ready sound of the Boss with the jangly joy of The Replacements and the indie rock cred of bands like The Breeders and Veruca Salt.

Bonsai consists of Gabe Keister(lead guitar), Emily Parks(bass), Jonah Leatherman(drums), and McKenna Parks(rhythm guitar and vocals.) According to Bonsai, “The band began with two sisters that were interested in writing and sharing experiences with a crowd through music.” If their debut single “Golden Hue” is any indication, they’re off to a great start. 

The band wants the listener to “feel like part of a coming-of-age film.” “Golden Hue” has that open-hearted anthem vibe, like something that’d play over the opening credits of said coming-of-age film. McKenna Parks has the kind of voice that soars, bringing to mind the full-throttle power of the two best “Pats”, Pat Benatar and Patti Smith. Every great vocal needs a great band to lay a solid foundation, and the rhythm section of Leatherman and Emily Parks does just that. Gabe Keister adds just the right amount of indie rock jangle to give “Golden Hue” a rock solid backbone. 

Bonsai recorded “Golden Hue” with producer Jason Davis at his Off The Cuff studio. He gives the band’s sound clarity while still allowing them to have a raw, live feel.

Youth allows fresh perspective and clear eyes. It gives us a wide open playing field to dream without limit. “Golden Hue” is the sound of youth, dreams, and all the uplift that comes with them.

Bonsai’s “Golden Hue” is available now. Check out the song below, then download the track here.

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