Flyover Sounds : Jonah Leatherman’s “Couldn’t Find Any Reason” Is Proof Rock Isn’t Dead

Every once in a while you need a reminder that things aren’t as dire as they appear to be. That the world outside isn’t actually crumbling and burning, with a newer, darker civilization waiting to rise from the ashes. Listening to the new single from Fort Wayne–based musician Jonah Leatherman I’m convinced the sun will […]

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Delicate Steve : The Christmas Album

Delicate Steve(aka Steve Marion) is one of the best young guitarists working today. A eloquent mix of Ry Cooder, Santos and Johnny, and George Harrison, Delicate Steve makes his guitar sing in place of his voice, creating an often engaging and haunting sound. On Delicate Steve’s The Christmas Album the standards are covered in a […]

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Causa Sui : Szabodelico

The world has been upside down and topsy turvy since the beginning of 2020. Health crisis, political turmoil, racial and civil unrest in city streets, and common sense being replaced by clickbait and conspiracy theories, the world seems to be in one hell of a sorry state. The one constant light throughout this year for […]

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Metz : Atlas Vending

METZ have been making angular swaths of post-punk noise for a few years now. Over the course of three full-lengths and a handful of EPs and singles, the Canadian trio of guitarist and vocalist Alex Edkins, bassist Chris Slorach and drummer Hayden Menzies have honed their sound from unhinged anxiety and pent-up rage to an […]

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The Flaming Lips : American Head

The Flaming Lips are one of the great American rock and roll bands. With Wayne Coyne at the helm they’ve been transforming, expanding, and regenerating musical limbs for over three decades. The fearless freaks from Norman, Oklahoma, Coyne and Co hit their stride in the mid-90s and at their dimmest point in their career with […]

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Dehd : Flowers of Devotion

Dehd’s Flowers of Devotion is filled with anthems big and bold. Reverberating guitars, pop harmonies, and the fire of punk rock runs throughout the Chicago three-pieces newest LP. The band, which includes singer-bassist Emily Kempf, singer-guitarist Jason Balla, and drummer Eric McGrady, reach deep into the universal hum of love and life to give us […]

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Bradford Trojan : Meanwhile

Bradford Trojan makes the kind of music that feels both sun-kissed and world-weary. Weather worn pop songs that fall into the category of DIY, but not lo-fi. His tunes are like finding a cassette underneath your car seat that’s been there years, maybe even decades. Unmarked you put it in the deck and find this […]

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My Morning Jacket : The Waterfall II

It’s been over five years since My Morning Jacket have released an album. That album was The Waterfall, a solid set of pop and rock tunes that followed in the footsteps 2011s Circuital. Circuital seemed to be looking for a middle ground musically between the shoot-for-the-moon audacity of Evil Urges and the band’s earlier, more […]

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