Kevin Hambrick : Talking Birds

Kevin Hambrick has been a staple in the Midwest music scene for 20 years, leading the indie rock charge in both The Orange Opera and as a solo artist. Regardless of which project Hambrick is writing in and for, the sound is decidedly Hambrick. With his solo work Kevin Hambrick handles all the band duties […]

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Edena Gardens Unleashes “Hidebound”; Debut Album Drops In October On El Paraiso REcords

Listening to Edena Gardens brand new single “Hidebound” I feel as if I’m being carried away in some cosmic slipstream. It’s a slow drift of a song that lives in glorious 70s Komische light; touches of echoing guitar, psychedelic keys, and a rolling, endless groove of percussion. The cosmos passes by as you stare out […]

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Preoccupations : Arrangements

Preoccupations, formerly Viet Cong, are a Canadian four-piece that rose from the ashes of indie rock darlings Women. Where Women was more in the vein of bands like Deerhunter and Pavement, Preoccupations went for a more darker, propulsive sound. From their ‘Cassette’ ep debut to their self-titled full-length as Viet Cong to name change to […]

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Ty Segall : Hello, Hi

Ty Segall might be the busiest man in indie rock. He’s certainly one of the most prolific, dropping something new seemingly every 6 months. Whether it’s solo albums or with one of his many side projects, Segall seems to have a mind that runs 24/7. Albums spanning garage rock, psych folk, wonky synth workouts, and […]

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Tim Heidecker : High School

I never would have taken Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame to have been such a prolific songwriter, but here we are with his third album in three years. With What The Brokenhearted Do and Fear Of Death, released 2019 and 2020 respectively, Heidecker showed he had a knack for classic singer/songwriter fare. Introspective […]

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Kurt Vile : (watch my moves)

Kurt Vile runs on his own frequency. He blends rock, folk, and country into something quite unique and very much his own. Jangle one minute and rocking and psychedelic the next, Vile takes Prine, Petty, and Young and blends them all together with a touch of early 90s Dinosaur Jr and Pavement. Over nine albums […]

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