Tim Heidecker : High School

I never would have taken Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame to have been such a prolific songwriter, but here we are with his third album in three years. With What The Brokenhearted Do and Fear Of Death, released 2019 and 2020 respectively, Heidecker showed he had a knack for classic singer/songwriter fare. Introspective […]

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Kurt Vile : (watch my moves)

Kurt Vile runs on his own frequency. He blends rock, folk, and country into something quite unique and very much his own. Jangle one minute and rocking and psychedelic the next, Vile takes Prine, Petty, and Young and blends them all together with a touch of early 90s Dinosaur Jr and Pavement. Over nine albums […]

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Spoon : Lucifer On The Sofa

I think it’s fair to say that Spoon have been one of the most reliable American rock bands in the last 20 years. While they released two great post-punk albums in the late 90s, their career in my mind truly began in 2001 with Girls Can Tell. From that point the Texas rock band started […]

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Carlton Melton : Microwavelengths

Labor Day Weekend, 2017. A heatwave beat down on Point Arena, California gifting Mendocino County with one of the hottest weekends on record. Somewhere nestled in the wooded landscape of Redwoods that touch the clouds with ease sat a geodesic dome where psych rockers Carlton Melton created their hazy “dome rock”. And on that oppressively […]

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Kanaan : Earthbound

Norwegian power trio Kanaan have laid some pretty impressive groundwork since their El Paraiso Records debut Windborne at the end of 2018. That album showed some serious musical chops from the young-ish three-piece, coming together with a sound that was both heavy and nuanced. Prog vibes combined with 70s art rock and a healthy dose […]

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Jerry Cantrell : Brighten

When I think of Jerry Cantrell I think of a little rock and roll dive club in Niles, MI called The White House in the summer of ’92. It was this literal old white house in the outskirts of Niles that had the best cover bands in the Michiana area. There were some bad ones, […]

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Wolfmen Of Mars : Might Be Evil

Wolfmen Of Mars fill a very specific musical void in my life; the vibes of my favorite childhood late night creature feature show called Nightmare Theater, which aired every Friday night on Channel 55, early White Zombie, a haunted western, and heavy metal electronic music. All of those elements intertwine and feed off one another […]

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