The World Is Still Ending But A New METZ Album Is Coming In October So It’s Cool

Well it seems the unbelievers are out in full swing. Unbelievers in contagion and unbelievers in thinking of their fellow human being. So most of the big box stores are enforcing masks in theirs stores if you want to shop there. That’s great. I have older parents and I have friends and family with compromised immune systems. Anything we can do to help contain the spread of this virus to those that would have a hard time beating it is great. My son and I go to the store yesterday to grab a few things for dinner and right before you get in there’s a big sign stating masks are required. Perfect. My son and I mask up, head in, and the first thing we see is people not wearing masks. Huh? How are they allowed in? Well I’m guessing the 4′ 5″ employee at the door felt intimidated by these squidbillies and didn’t say anything. These folks looked like they probably had a car up on cinder blocks in their front yard, along with a 35-year old recliner couch on the front porch. Is that in poor taste? To think that? Maybe, but it’s what I imagined. They looked like entitled assholes.

As we made our way thru the store most folks had on masks, but there were still a handful that refused. They all looked like they stepped out from under the same rock. These are the people crying about their rights being trampled on; the ones that gathered at statehouses with their military-grade weapons demanding Texas Roadhouse be opened back up. Not so they could go back to work, but so they could go get a lousy steak. They needed their Great Clips and Starbucks and God knows whatever else to open. They needed their goddamn Jerky Shop back!

Needless to say, I was disappointed. Not in the little lady at the door that didn’t strong arm these entitled bridge trolls when they strolled in without masks. But just disappointed in a society that can’t come together for something so fucking simple. I’m so tired of the whining about their rights. Fuck my feelings? Well fuck your rights. You walk around like a spoiled child say “NO! NO!” then I think your right to COVID-19 treatment is in question. This isn’t government control. This is public safety, man. And just take your “It’s no worse than the flu” argument elsewhere. I don’t want to hear it. Not from an uniformed patriot such as yourself.

But hey, METZ is back in October with a new album, Atlas Vending.

If anything has been a bright spot these last few months is the amount of solid new music being released. Zombi, Protomartyr, Fiona Apple, Blake Mills, Ellis/Munk Ensemble, Martin Rude & Jakob Skott Duo, and a host of other amazing albums. METZ is especially exciting. Last new music was 2017s Strange Peace, which saw them working with Steve Albini for the first time after two previous records that sounded like they were produced by Steve Albini. Atlas Vending is produced by Uniform’s Ben Greenberg, which seems like a perfect fit. Uniform and METZ share the same sort of sonic extremes; guitars wailing, drums pummeling, bass crackling, and vocals to the point of shredding vocal cords.

Lead single “A Boat To Drown In” shows a decidedly different METZ, and that’s exciting. It’s still loud, distorted, and driving. But there’s almost a progressive push in the single. Vocals are cleaner and harmonies are more apparent. Strange Peace hinted at a new direction, but “A Boat To Drown In” is proof in the pudding.

Atlas Vending drops October 9th. Listen to “A Boat To Drown In” below(the Tony Wolski-directed video is great), and please wear a damn mask.


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