Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo’s “The Short Sun” Is A Hazy Summer Dream

Somewhere in the heat of the summer lies a place where Martin Rude & Jakob Skøtt Duo’s “The Short Sun” is the score. It’s the sound that emanates from asphalt on a scorching summer walk. It’s the sun barreling down on you, bringing you into a sort of solar, psychedelic state of peace. Shuffling drums, jangly guitar, and wavering synth lay a path for an afternoon walk in the burning haze of the season. A mixture of ambient delights, solar jazz, and dusty psychedelics swirl together into an almost dystopian haze that transports the humid walk from a neighborhood to some barren desert in search for civilization.

The Discipline of Assent is the new album from musicians Martin Rude(Sun River) and Jakob Skøtt(Causa Sui, Sun River.) The musical world these two musicians have created on their new album is a mixture of organic and synthetic; tangible and ethereal. At times the tracks sound grounded in the world of experimental jazz and other times it sounds like the score to some post-apocalyptic western in outer space. Popol Vuh’s otherworldly beauty combined with the rhythmic backbone of early 70s ECM artists like Gateway.

“The Short Sun” sums up the overall aesthetic of a record filled with vibes both dreamy and exotic. It’s the sound of a hazy summer walkabout, looking for nothing in-particular but finding a kind of inner peace anyways.

The Discipline Of Ascent is out August 7th, 2020 via El Paraiso Records. Preorder the album here


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