Beach House : Once Twice Melody

Beach House, the Baltimore dream pop duo consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, have been making dreamy indie rock since 2006. Right out of the gate these two have settled into a sound that is centered on melancholy keys, echoing guitar lines, and Legrand’s deep and hypnotic vocals. Their sound seems as if Cocteau […]

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METZ have established themselves as modern post-punk titans over the course of a decade, making albums as sonically punishing as they are deceptively catchy. Pained, barb wire-wrapped pop structures coated in honey, dipped in broken glass and meticulously pounded into our psyches until we give into the aural assault. The Canadian four-piece released their fourth […]


Metz : Atlas Vending

METZ have been making angular swaths of post-punk noise for a few years now. Over the course of three full-lengths and a handful of EPs and singles, the Canadian trio of guitarist and vocalist Alex Edkins, bassist Chris Slorach and drummer Hayden Menzies have honed their sound from unhinged anxiety and pent-up rage to an […]

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METZ : Automat

Metz have obliterated car speakers and ear drums quite easily since their Sub Pop debut album back in 2012. Their sound is like Tinnitus feedback served over a post-hardcore back beat with a healthy dose of primal screaming sprinkled on top. The Bleach and In Utero comparisons aren’t without merit, but there’s more to the […]

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Beach House : 7

It took me a bit before I truly could appreciate the magic of Beach House’s music. The Baltimore band’s appeal eluded me their first couple records. What I’d heard off of Teen Dream and then Bloom was nice in a passerby sort of way, but I didn’t know what all the accolades were about. What […]

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King Tuff : The Other

So I may have been wrong about Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff. I know he’s been around for a few years now and that he’s got connections to Ty Segall and that whole crew of prolific garage/punk/pop artists that seem to be readying new albums every couple months. Around 2012 Thomas seemed to¬† be all […]

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METZ : Strange Peace

I will admit that I have a bit of a dude crush on the Canadian rock band METZ. There’s just something about their intense brand of noise rock/post-punk gumbo that gets me in the gut. It’s a kind of rush that comes with a special sort of experience. Maybe like jumping out of a plane, […]

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GOAT : Requiem

Listening to GOAT’s new epic album Requiem one gets the feeling of coming across some strange, acid-drenched dance party in the Shire. Big-footed hobbits drinking goblets of homemade rastleberry wine as they succumb to the psilocybin-fueled hallucinations as the sounds of GOAT echo through Middle Earth. Requiem could also pass for the soundtrack to a […]

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Morgan Delt : Phase Zero

The first thing that hits you on Morgan Delt’s excellent Sub Pop debut Phase Zero is the breezy, island sway of “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside”. Vocalsjust shy of a whisper cascade along a mellow, shuffling rhythm with wobbling guitars, synths, and a prominent proper meaty bass line holding it all together. It […]

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