Bandcamp Friday

This coming Friday, September 4th, is another day where Bandcamp is waiving their fees so all the money you fine folks spend on the Bandcamp platform will go directly to the artists and indie labels. It’s really the perfect time to snag those albums you’ve been thinking about grabbing. I mean, anytime is a good […]

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A Good Day To Visit Bandcamp

There’s really no planning for the world shutting down and discontinuing things like live shows, sitting in cafes discussing life over a cup coffee, and rummaging through records at a good old brick and mortar. But this is where we’re at right now. The world is hiding in seclusion until it’s safe to congregate and […]

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A Gift To You

In times of worry I’ve always been the one to want to make things better. As a little kid if my mom was upset about something I was in my room making her a picture or offering to do the dishes so she didn’t have to. If the mood was tense I was the clown, […]

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Writing and Mood Swings

For the most part I keep the writing on Complex Distractions focused on those things in art and commerce that move me. Records, books, films, art, and all those other things that fall under the category of “waste of time” in most public school systems anymore. That’s the stuff that drove me to start writing […]

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