Premiere : Listen to Kanaan’s “Öresund”; ‘Double Sun’ Drops April 24th

Kanaan, the Norwegian power trio which consists of Ask Vatn Strøm(Electric and acoustic guitars), Ingvald André Vassbø(Drums, percussion and organ), and Eskild Myrvoll(Bass, synths, electric and acoustic guitars), are a band on fire. Their 2018 debut record with El Paraiso Records titled Windborne was one of the absolute musical joys of that year. Combining touches of Krautrock, prog-rock, and post-rock, this power trio knocked us into another dimension with their swinging jazz rhythms and psych-burnt guitar tones. I felt at the time that these guys were a band of the way to something great.

Turns out I was correct.

Not only did Kanaan just release a collaborative record with Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk called Odense Sessions, but they also had a proper follow-up to 2018s Windborne in the can. Double Sun will be released on April 24th, once again working with the mighty El Paraiso Records. The album is an absolute monster. This time around Kanaan lean into that jazz groove they hinted at before and give us an album that swings, scorches, and locks into some serious psych acid burn.

Lead single “Öresund” cuts to the chase immediately, opening the song with an absolute explosion of sound before locking into a groove Tony Williams would’ve been proud to call his own. The song literally sizzles in your brain as a complex coming together of fusion, psych, and classic rock beging to singe your frontal lobe. There was some flirtations with psych rock on Windborne, but here these Norwegian lads are all in. A rhythm section of Muscle Shoals proportions lay the groundwork for some absolute Hendrix-ian guitar jams that would make Leo Fender weep.

It’s an all-out 8-minute assault of the senses and not a second is wasted. There’s a rawness to this that gives the track a feeling of being alive. A buzzing within the sizzle of the guitar, the thump of the bass, and the snap of the snare makes “Öresund” one hell of an introduction to Double Sun.

Double Sun will be released on April 24th. You can preorder the album now over at El Paraiso Records. And you can listen to “Öresund” below.


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