Dream Division : Escape From Planet Sauvage

Dream Division is the kind of analog-slathered electronic project that tickles the fancy of the most ardent sci fi/horror soundtrack aficionado. For fours years now Dream Division has been releasing woozy, hypnotic full lengths and EPs that defy both decade and time/space. One of the premier heavy synth acts to appear out of the ether, Dream Division captures the ghostly aura and melancholy sleaze of late 70s/early 80s horror and sci fi films. If you need a reference point, think Rizzati, Frizzi, and Carpenter. If you want to file Dream Division with fellow contemporaries then albums like Transcend, Vulture EP, and Mosura would sit comfortably in the company of Pentagram Home Video, Wojciech Golczewski, Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi. But the musical world of Dream Division is a construct of its very own.

On Dream Division’s latest, the otherworldly Escape From Planet Sauvage, DD locks into early 80s vibes. The woozy swaths of synth we’re accustomed to have been replaced with robotic rhythms and almost pop melodies. The sound is that of a futuristic persuasion, a future defined by analog synths and mechanical heartbeats.

With Escape From Planet Sauvage I’m reminded more of someone like Bernard Szajner or Jean-Michel Jarre than Dream Division’s usual heavy swaths of bubbly synth. There’s a brightness here. There’s a muscular quality to title track “Escape From Planet Sauvage”. A cross between the synth textures Flaming Lips toyed with on Embryonic, but with more of an emphasis on otherworldly; futuristic even. “Zarek” dives into almost Krautrock territory with its motorik heartbeat. Touches of Kraftwerk reside in the rhythm while Dream Division makes great use of analog weaves and wobbles as space-y sounds come in and out of the mix. A woman’s voice speaking only adds to the mystery of the track.

The final two tracks are “Cosmic Ruins(Part 1)” and “Cosmic Ruins(Part 2)”. Here, Dream Division dives back into the heady waters of dark and mysterious synth tones. “Part 1” feels like falling into some black and cavernous void, mysterious eyes penetrating your mind as your descend. “Part 2” is exploring the darkness, content to a fate as mysterious as the space you now find yourself.

Dream Division’s Escape From Planet Sauvage is yet another stunning release from one of the best in the heavy synth field. In the current times, this is the perfect escape from the true dystopian reality we live in.

‘Escape From Planet Sauvage’ is available now thru Bandcamp. Get the 7 inch vinyl(containing tracks 1 and 2) via Polytechnic Youth, or get the limited edition cassette release with all 4 digital tracks. Whatever you do, just get it. 

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