Outpost 31 Studios Releases “Inverted Dreamer” By Treebones; ‘Midnight Radio’ Coming Soon

Treebones makes electronic music that isn’t fussy, but easy to get lost in. The North Carolina-based artist works in simple melodies and addictive beats, and carries them out like otherworldly incantations. He stands by the adage of “less is more”, and in doing so gives us skeletal songs with beating hearts you can see pumping between naked ribs.

Treebones new single “Inverted Dreamer” puts me in mind of a pleasant, slightly strange walk in a dream. A fuzzy groove carries you throughout the nearly four minute track, with a mild hallucinogenic vibe. It’s the kind of song that you imagine multi-colored trees bending in the breeze cartoonishly as your feet barely touch the sidewalk that leads you to nowhere in-particular. Rows of houses sway to the beat while your looped jaunt locks in with the song’s addictive melody.

“Inverted Dreamer” is coming out via Outpost 31 Studios today. I first heard Treebones on Fright Night Club 12 this past October. “Mother Is Not Quite The Same Today” was a slinky and sinister track that felt right at home among the dark and brooding songs. Treebones is readying his first full-length LP called Midnight Radio, which should be out by late spring/early summer.

About Outpost 31 Studios:

Outpost 31 Studios was created by Kyle Mayfield, A.K.A. Larry Chin in Oklahoma City during February of 2019.

Mayfield, a veteran of the music industry, turned his home studio into a small record label during his 19th year in the circuit.

The music we celebrate ranges from electronic, to rock, and from the experimental to the anonymous and everything in between.

Treebones’ “Inverted Dreamer” is out today. You can listen to it below, and you can buy the digital track here. Check out more of Outpost 31 Studios’ artists here.


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