Blue Tomorrows Releases The Dreamy “Sound of Moving”; Debut Drops Next Month

There’s a peaceful nostalgia that comes over me while listening to Blue Tomorrows’ “Sound of Moving”. Sarah Nienaber’s voice is like the whisper of a glorious dream. Remnants of memories you wake up with after a beautifully melancholy vision; memories that never existed before your head hit the pillow, but ones you desperately try to hold onto. “Sound of Moving” elicits a gentle sway with its drum machine, acoustic guitar, syntesizers, and of course that voice. It all works together beautifully to create this gorgeous bit of dream pop, ambient, and shoegaze.

Imagine a mixture of Mazzy Star, Lush, Still Corners, and No Joy all come together in this beautifully sweet and dreamy package. Welcome to Blue Tomorrows. Sarah Nienaber is Blue Tomorrows. Nienbaber, also of the bands Candace and Web of Sunsets, has created a quiet interlude for your busy, overcrowded day. For 3 1/2 minutes leave your day-to-day behind and get lost in an 80s-inspired road trip. The video for “Sound of Moving” is a grainy VHS tape-looking music video. The song fits the visuals pefectly, as if finding this tape buried in a cardboard box in the basement of a tri-level you recently bought at auction. Delicate psych pop mixed with the spirit of ambient and new age. It’s the perfect way to cull those Monday blues.

Blue Tomorrows’ debut release Without Color arrives next month on September 13th on the excellent Moon Glyph. Preorder the limited edition cassette here, and watch the video for “Sound of Moving” below.

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