Ffion : Momentum

The electronic duo of Thomas Ragsdale and Ashleigh, otherwise known as Ffion, are back with a follow-up to their excellent debut EP Odyssey. It’s called Momentum and it’s a four-song shot of lush ARP Odyssey tones and the duo’s instinctive, pulsating drive. The EP is being released this Friday on Soundtracking The Void(the label run by Ragsdale and Ashleigh, his fiance/musical partner in Ffion), and the album is yet another example of the forward-thinking music that’s being released from the label.

The album consists of four songs, “I”, “Can’t”, “Let”, “Go”. Each possesses a certain urgency, as if the song is pushing you along to something important. Ffion has proven to excel at such tracks and the slow, methodical build of “I” carries you into the dreamy, building swaths of synth that make up “Can’t”. There’s a cinematic quality here, too. You could easily hear this as an intro piece to an epic dystpian film. “Let” is another slow burner, working its way up to a neon climax.

Ragsdale and Ashleigh work in widescreen sounds. It’s a kind of sound that engulfs you and grabs you both on a physical and emotional level. “Go” is the conclusion of this four-song journey. Dizzying synths ebb and flow until they dissipate into the ether. It’s a foregone conclusion, but you still end up wishing for one more.

Momentum is different from Ffion’s first EP Odyssey in that the techno and house music leanings from that first release are all but gone here. In place of that movement is dizzying swirls of synth and contemplation. Even in the song titles which add up to a single sentence, “I can’t let go”, there’s a feeling of something bigger. It can be a declaration of love, or of obsession. The music works that way, too. The songs are more about getting lost in a haze of urgency, as opposed to getting lost in rhythm. Momentum in the sense of this EP isn’t so much about speed and getting to the end quickly, but moving art and creativity forward. Ffion have certainly done that here. Momentum is another stunner from Ffion.

Momentum is out tomorrow, 4/19, via Soundtracking The Void. Preorder the album here.

8.1 out of 10

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