Black Mountain Want To Be Your “Boogie Lover”

We’re just a little over a month away from Black Mountain dropping their follow-up to the 2016 masterpiece IV. Destroyer, it seems, is gearing to be one of the band’s heaviest records yet. I’m excited about that. It’s also a little bittersweet given that this is the first album without founding members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells. Webber’s iconic vocals helped make the Black Mountain “sound”. Singer Rachel Fannan(Sleepy Sun) and Adam Bulgasem(Soft Kill) have been welcomed into the Black Mountain Army, as well as a few guest drummers(including former Lips’ drummer Kliph Scurlock and Oneida’s Kid Millions.) The results sound promising, though. First single “Future Shade” is a hell of a track, all full-throttle rock and roll with a hint of 70s prog for good measure. And now they’ve released “Boogie Lover”, a slow-burn rocker that’s part NWOBHM(think old school Scorpions and Priest) with some of the band’s In The Future slow burn.

When I first heard Black Mountain over 10 years ago I wasn’t sure how to take them. Were they serious? Was this some sort of put-on, like they’re rocking out really hard and getting some serious glow from the back of their tube amps, but off to the side there was a wink-wink, nudge-nudge thing happening? Eventually about 6 years ago I bought In the Future, deep-dived into the Black Mountain pool and realized this Canadian collective of heavy metal hippies were as serious as metal up your ass. Not only were those Black Mountain albums absolutely soaked in 70s acid and THC, but there was this element of the mystical on those first couple records. Sure, Wilderness Heart went a little AOR-rock heavy, but it was still a solid album(my opinion.) Looser and more fun. And all the solo stuff from each corner of the group was amazing. Lightning Dust, Pink Mountaintops, and Sinoia Caves all stand on their own as incredible bands. Am I a little sad that Amber and Joshua have parted from the rock cult that is Black Mountain? Absolutely. Does a song like “Boogie Lover” make me feel a little better about the changes? Absofuckinglutely.

Slow groove, slinking, fuzzy bass, and Rachel Fannen laying down some seriously sexy rock and roll voodoo in the vocal department. Stephen McBean is the ringleader of this band of merry rock pranksters, and he builds into a chorus that sounds like late-80s Seattle, Washington getting into a fist fight with early 70s Birmingham, England. I think you could classify this as groovy doom metal. I welcome this “Boogie Lover” with open arms.

Give it a spin below.

4 thoughts on “Black Mountain Want To Be Your “Boogie Lover”

  1. I will be seeing Black Mountain in Toronto during Canadian Music Week in May.
    It’s going to be a very good week.

    I’m sad about the band members leaving as well.
    Especially Joshua Wells. He has been with Stephen since the start, even earlier in Ex-Dead Teenager. I chatted with him the last time they toured out here and he’s really cool. I will miss him. I wonder if being stuck in Europe with all of their gear stolen had anything to do with band members leaving. I also wonder what that means for the side project bands that included Amber and Joshua with Stephen.

    I’ve seen Kid Millions live and chatted with him as well. He’s also cool. Great drummer too.
    I’m curious who the band will have drumming on tour though.

    That new song has me drooling for the album.
    Elements of Geezer Butler, Fu Manchu, Black Magic Flower Power (Black Pussy), 70’s fuzz and heavy funk, all blended together in different but yet similar Black Mountain sound.
    So Good.

    As you say, I will miss the members that left, but am stoked to see what else the band comes up with.

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    1. That sounds like it will be one hell of a week. Will love to hear all about it.

      I hope things keep going for everyone involved, side projects and all. Such a cool group of artists.


  2. I think last year was just too good to me musically. There hasn’t been much getting me exited this year so far, but I’m quite excited about this one.

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