Deftones : Ohms

On Deftones newest album Ohms, the Sacramento, California metal band continues to refine and reshape their brand of melodic metal. Singer Chino Moreno’s elastic scream and alluring croon is at the center, while guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s d-tuned guitar creates dark, Gothic mood that tows the line between The Cure and Godflesh, sometimes in the same […]

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Wasted Shirt : Fungus II

Wasted Shirt is a collaborative project between Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale. If you’re at all familiar with where these two individual artists are coming from stylistically then you should be very excited. And a little frightened. If you’re not familiar, then imagine songs culled together with exploding amplifiers, drums being abused beyond […]

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Black Mountain : Destroyer

I remember when I got my drivers license. I was a late bloomer and didn’t get mine till I was 17. After some shenanigans prior to being 16 and my uncle’s 1949 Chevy, I was banned from getting my license for a bit. But when I did finally get it, it was such a feeling […]

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The Birds and the Blitzkriegs

It’s a conversation every father eventually has with his son. While it’s not something you look forward to it’s something that’s necessary. The young man needs to have this information in order to become a mature adult male, otherwise he’s set adrift into the world without all of life’s essential knowledge. It’s a rite of […]

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Earthless : Black Heaven

I think one of the worst things that can happen as a fan of a metal band is when that band softens their sound. There’s really nothing more disappointing than when your favorite metal band drop the rough edges and darker vibes for a slick production, bluesy riffs, and bloody ballads. Metallica comes to mind […]

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Black Mountain : IV

I’m on my third listen of Black Mountain’s newest opus, the labyrinthine IV. It should be no surprise that I will need a few more listens before I’ve covered all the nooks and crannies of this stately beast of an album, but I can say very confidently that everything they’ve done beforehand has been building […]

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