Black Mountain Return In May With ‘Destroyer’; Listen to “Future Shade”

Yes children, gather round for I have great news! The mighty Canadian psych collective Black Mountain have announced that on May 24th they’re dropping their brand new LP Destroyer with their longstanding record label Jagjaguwar. It’s been almost two years since their last release, the incredible IV. In between then and now the band had quite a bit of their vintage gear stolen while on tour, so there was some time where they were trying to replenish the guitars, amps, mics, and such. Things must be looking up, because Black Mountain are hitting road and ready to blow our minds once again.

First single “Future Shade” sounds like a mix of Black Sabbath and the NWOBHM. 2016s IV saw the band dipping their toes back into the acid-soaked waters of 70s prog and doom, unlike the more classic rock-leaning Wilderness Heart from 2010.

If you’re asking my opinion(and I’m assuming you’re interested in hearing it if you’re here), Black Mountain are one of the premier rock bands working today. Every album feels like a multi-media experience. From the album cover to the songs and their dense expanse, Black Mountain give you your money’s worth. And if “Future Shade” is any indication, Destroyer is gonna be one hell of a banger.

Listen to “Future Shade” below, and preorder Destroyer here.

21 thoughts on “Black Mountain Return In May With ‘Destroyer’; Listen to “Future Shade”

  1. I met the lads in Toronto the last time they toured. Got some Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops and other stuff signed. Had a good chat. Awesome dudes. I hated reading their gear got stolen since they are the nicest bunch and so awesome.
    Hopefully they stop near here and near you.

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    1. Oh man that’s awesome! I hope they do come close enough for a road trip. Bucket list show for sure.

      I’m a huge Sinoia Caves fan, so anytime I can hear Jeremy Schmidt play his plethora of analog synths I’m in.

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      1. Nice!

        Schmidt is Black Mountain’s keyboardist. I think he might be a wizard. His two solo albums are phenomenal. Beyond The Black Rainbow is a top ten album for me.


  2. Came late to these guys because they didn’t float my boat the first time around. Second time around came courtesy of the Pink Mountaintops side project. Then, I saw Black Mountain live! Man… I can only shake my head. So awesome.

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  3. Well, well, well… this is great news! As you know, I had jumped off the bus and got back on when you recommend IV and I’m glad I did. Looking forward to this one… and such a great piece of artwork.

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    1. Oh man! I had no idea Amber wasn’t in the band anymore. That’s an absolute bummer. I really felt she was an integral part of the Black Mountain sound.


      1. I wholeheartedly agree.

        I read the quick blurb for the new release and they stated that there are new members.

        Rachel from Sleepy Sun is now in the band. I truly appreciate her vocals from that first Sleepy Sun record so it’ll be interesting to hear her step into this role.

        Side note: I wanna thank you for this blog. I’ve found so much new music because of your write ups.

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      2. I’m still looking forward to this one, but it’s a little more bittersweet.

        And thank you. I love sharing what I love. If I can get someone to check out an artist they may not have heard of before and they dig them, then my day is made. Thanks for reading what I write. Means a lot.


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