Writing and Mood Swings

For the most part I keep the writing on Complex Distractions focused on those things in art and commerce that move me. Records, books, films, art, and all those other things that fall under the category of “waste of time” in most public school systems anymore. That’s the stuff that drove me to start writing at this very spot seven years ago. Seven years ago I was coming to the realization that being a songwriter wasn’t the be all end all of my existence. That was also how I identified in the creative realm since I’d been 19-years old. I struggled to find an outlet for the thoughts that were rattling around in my head. A chance opportunity to write about one my favorite albums for an acquaintance’s website sort of opened the eyes of a few friends that had no idea I could write. This led to “Hey, you should write record reviews for Whatzup Magazine”, which led to me writing one, sending it in, and then immediately getting rejected.


But then in December of 2011 after my wife’s encouragement I sat down and started Jhubner73.com. The first thing I wrote was a review for The War on Drugs’s Slave Ambient, which I also sent to Whatzup Magazine. They liked it and published it. Seven years later I’m still publishing with them, as well as another local paper and I post on here nearly every day(I said nearly.)

I feel like writing and this blog were the missing puzzle pieces to my personality and to my voice. I’ve been a musician since I was 12 years old when I started playing guitar. I have identified as a musician and songwriter since I was 19 when I started writing my first original songs. Even though I was a guitar player and wannabe rock and roller, the writer has always been there inside me. I wrote plays, short stories, poems, and weird comic strips with one of my best friends in high school. I wrote the play in the 4th grade, long before I ever began playing guitar. Songs really just were little stories and prose put to music. I never had the patience to be a novelist, so songs were the next best thing.

It’s now December 2018, and I’ve been here for seven years. Not much has changed, except the name which became Complex Distractions a few months ago. I feel this is my home away from home. Or my home within my home. It’s my digital mancave; my internet study where I go to espouse upon the music blowing my mind, the films moving me, and the written words taking me to some other place in my brain. This site is an extension of who I am. I hope that if you read this spot, you feel as if you’d know who I am in the real world. I want Complex Distractions to feel like we’re having a conversation over a couple cups of coffee and some nice danish. Or a pint and some pretzels.

Thanks for coming by here. I hope you continue to.

So as I said at the beginning, I try to keep the focus on art that moves me. Once in a while I talk about art that I create. Even though I don’t write music as much as I used to, I still create. Just at a far more drawn out pace these days(middle age, whatcha gonna do?) I just finished a new piece of music and I’m sharing it right here for the first time. It’s called Mood Swings, and it’s a continuation of my exploration in electronic music and instrumentals. I find myself wandering away from the singer/songwriter stuff I made for years, and instead find instrumental music to be far more of an extension of who I am. That’s not to say I won’t ever write a song with lyrics again, it’s just not where I’m at right now. The instrumental music was a pretty natural progression for me anyways. Falling down the rabbit hole of film scores, heavy synth records, and electronic music was a pretty mind-blowing experience, and one that helped me to evolve as a songwriter.

Mood Swings has been about two years in the making. I would come down into my studio and improvise on loops and see what I could come up with, usually on Sunday mornings or late Friday nights when I had time to plug away. There were other songs finished or nearly finished, but I felt the need to release these particular ones together, now.

Mood Swings was created using guitars, bass, drums, analog synth, and a cheap Casio keyboard. I recorded the songs onto a Korg-D-1600 standalone recorder and then mastered the tracks in Audacity. How audacious, right?

I’m pretty low rent when it comes to making music. I never really advanced past 2002 when I bought the Korg. I’d love to jump into the computer-based recording world. I imagine it would make things much easier. But I barely have time to make the songs, let alone rewire my brain to a new process of committing those songs to a consumable form. I will find the time, though. That Korg won’t last forever. She’s seen better days.

Anyways, thanks for reading what I put out there. Means a lot to me. And I hope you like the album.

8 thoughts on “Writing and Mood Swings

  1. Hey man… I’ve got lots to catch up on here… thanks for sharing all you do here, man… whether that’s thoughts on the albums you’re listening to or experiences and memories or what have you. And nice to see some JH music. I’ll get over at nab a copy soon.

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    1. We’re all busy anymore. Work, family, and our own creative endeavors. It’s hard to take a breath. So thank you for dropping by when you do. I know you’ve got all kinds of busy going on in your life. Maybe a KoTS/J Hubner European tour? See if those fellas in Causa Sui want to come along?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. KoTS/J Hubner tour sounds perfecto. We’ll tour all the nifty wee record stores while we’re at it. Drop by the Kingdom of El Paraiso.

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