Ffion : Odyssey

There’s a precise electronic pulse that runs throughout the whole of Ffion’s debut EP Odyssey. The music feels vintage, as if you pulled it from some analog time capsule buried among other ruins from 1972. The music created on Odyssey was brought to life using an ARP Odyssey analog keyboard, hence the name and the retro futuristic sounds. Over five tracks, Ffion’s debut EP runs the gamut from space-y ambient vibes to hard-driving techno to prog/komische undertones. For a 5-track EP, it’s one hell of an expansive listen.

“The Mark” greets us at the door awash in the heavy synth vibes. Pulsating tones carry us thru 3 minutes of bubbling analog goodness. We’re led into “Who”, an otherworldly sonic delight that brings to mind The Orb at their most ethereal. “Wanderings” is just absolute bliss. It has the space and canyon-esque depth of Tangerine Dream but the modern aesthetic of something like Rival Consoles(an artist I feel is a kindred spirit to Ffion.) By contrast, “Hold” is hard electro that has the driving, prog muscle of Majeure. There’s some serious deep space vibes happening there. “Purple Foxglove” has a very existential vibe. It closes this incredible journey on a monolithic note. It has the feel of walking out onto the edge of the universe, staring infinity down, and without even a sigh turning your back on it.

Ffion is the brainchild of Thomas Ragsdale and Ashleigh, runners of the new and forward-thinking record label Soundtracking The Void. These two create an engaging musical world within the walls of Ffion. Taking the classic and one-of-a-kind sonics of the ARP Odyssey and twisting and turning its capabilities to its fullest, this electronic duo have made made one of this years shortest but sweetest electronic musical statements.

I can’t recommend Ffion’s Odyssey enough, and look forward to a full-length from this electronic duo.

8.2 out of 10

Ffion’s Odyssey is out today via Soundtracking The Void. Buy it here

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