Listen : Softaware’s “Shapeshifter”

Softaware is a band fronted by Colin Nance. The band also included Pilar Guarddon, Steven Worlow, and Tony Mahon. They were based out of Oklahoma City and released their debut titled Networks in 2016. It was a mix of electro dream pop with neo-futuristic vibes. Sort of like a mix of Ulrich Schnauss, Massive Attack, and Stereolab all rolled into a cloud-encased groove.

Colin eventually relocated to Austin, TX, and by the looks of Softaware’s newest single, without the band. The newest Softaware track is called “Shapeshifter” and it feels more grounded than previous Softaware tracks. It seems to have more in common with Captured Tracks artists like Wild Nothing and Craft Spells rather than 90s trip hop. It definitely feels more like a solo outing for Colin, rather than a straight up band affair. Nance wrote, performed, arranged, recorded, and mixed the new track himself and the song has the vibe of a singular voice.

It’s a great addition to the Softaware canon.

Check out “Shapeshifter” below, and keep an eye out for Nance’s other project, the electro/industrial duo Harglow.

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