Wild Nothing’s ‘Indigo’

I remember the fall of 2012 pretty well. I’d seemed to hit a goldmine of new music and it all seemed to be coming from New York record label Captured Tracks. The Soft Moon, Craft Spells, DIIV, Chris Cohen and Mac Demarco were all kind of revelatory artists I found on this seemingly small indie label in 2012. To my ears, 2012 was one of the best years for record releases in recent years(Tame Impala’s Lonerism also came out in the fall of 2012, but that was on another label, so it goes.) It felt as if every week I was digging into Captured Tracks’ roster and finding some new post-punk, dream pop, or shoegaze nugget to drop cash on, not to mention their Shoegaze Series where I fell into a deep Medicine rabbit hole.

One other band that released an amazing record on Captured Tracks in 2012 was Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing. His album Nocturne was this exquisite piece of dreamy pop music that felt as if it had fallen from some alternate universe where Talk Talk, The Motels, and some ethereal pop force had formed to give us what Wild Nothing was making. It had the sound and feel of some lost classic album from the early 80s. It definitely fit within the Captured Tracks aesthetic, yet totally stood on its own as this beautifully ornamented music statement.

I was a fan.

The following year Tatum followed Nocturne up with Empty Estate EP. It continued those precise and perfect sonics but added an air of awkwardness to Tatum’s sound. Where it mostly seemed to get side eyes and strange glances, I felt it showed Jack Tatum as more than just a connoisseur of everything pop and 80s. It showed he cold get kind of weird, which I loved.

Early 2016 was his next full-length, Life Of Pause. An incredible slice of adult pop and alternative rock, he employed some big names to help him out in the studio(including the amazing Brad Laner of Medicine to add some ethereal guitar touches.) I felt it was one of the best albums of 2016, and definitely contained one of the best songs of that year(“Reich Pop”.)

So now we’ve come to 2018 and Tatum is readying his fourth full-length for Captured Tracks. It’s called Indigo, and if the two singles are any indication it’s going to be amazing.

Tatum continues to hone his studio skills by creating an all-encompassing listening experience. “Partners In Motion”, the most recent single release, and “Letting Go” see Wild Nothing’s technicolor sound expand wider and deeper and with an even dancier feel than anything that came before it. These tracks feel and sound like they should be big radio hits, at least if they’d been released 35 years ago.

Wild Nothing has come a hell of a long way from their first lo fi, bedroom pop record Gemini from 2010. It seems Indigo will continue to solidify Tatum’s reputation as one of the preeminent songwriters working today.

Check out the tracks below. Indigo will be released by Captured Tracks on August 31st. Preorder the album here.

There is a new video for “Letting Go” you can check out exclusively over at Apple Music. So you can do that too, if you like. 




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