Happy 4/20, Now Get Some Sleep

As if some bleary-eyed, cosmic stoner wish came true, the Kush Gods have bestowed upon the universe, on this 20th of April 2018, the best possible scenario any stoner/doom fuzz fan could ever hope for: Sleep have dropped a new album into your pipe.

Commence smoking it.

We’ve heard hints, rumors, and allegations for years now that the stoner/doom metal Godfathers were working on new music. Though they broke up nearly 20 years ago it was never because the guys didn’t get along. It was more out frustration for the clusterfuck that was the several failed attempts at releasing Dopesmoker in its single hour-long form. But in 2009, after Pike had found great success with High on Fire and Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius found equal success with Om, the band reformed with Jason Roeder on drums and intermittently played shows and got together to work on new, dank riffs and vibes. In 2014 they released the single “The Clarity”, which showed Sleep still at the top of their form.

Now, as if some higher power were listening in on a joke between two stoned metal fans,(“Could you imagine man, if like, Sleep released a new record on 4/20??” “Oh shit, man. That would be kick ass!”) today a new Sleep album has indeed dropped from the indica-colored skies. The Sciences is the first new Sleep record in almost 20 years(Dopesmoker was released in 1999.) The record is out via Jack White’s Third Man Records and is accessible on all streaming platforms and should be at your local brick and mortar today(just keep that shit on the down low when you nonchalantly ask if they have a copy for you behind the counter, you dig?)

How does it sound, you wonder? It sounds like Sleep, so it sounds great! I’ll post a review soon. For now, I’m just going to sit in the haze for a bit longer while the coffee is kicking in.

All hail Iommi.

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