Sleep’s “Leagues Beneath”

As if our 4/20 surprise wasn’t enough, Sleep have continued to put a big, dumb smile on my face into June with another track courtesy of the Adult Swim singles series. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the mammoth, and woolly, “Leagues Beneath”. Truth be told, Sleep’s first Adult Swim single series track “The […]

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Sleep : The Sciences

For the longest time Sleep were more legend than reality. A trio of young California stoners in the late 80s/early 90s that worshiped at the alter of Black Sabbath, fueled by massive amounts of the best bud little money could buy, started a whole new genre of music: stoner metal. Matt Pike, Al Cisneros, and […]

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Happy 4/20, Now Get Some Sleep

As if some bleary-eyed, cosmic stoner wish came true, the Kush Gods have bestowed upon the universe, on this 20th of April 2018, the best possible scenario any stoner/doom fuzz fan could ever hope for: Sleep have dropped a new album into your pipe. Commence smoking it. We’ve heard hints, rumors, and allegations for years […]

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Harsh Toke and the Friday Spin

I’m officially done working for a week now. Hello vacation. After another extremely slow and boring 10 hour workday I was ready to come home and spin some tunes and drink a beer. Harsh Toke’s Light Up And Live was what was thrown on the turntable and damn if it’s not hitting the spot right […]

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Nothin’ but a Dopesmoker

Lying upon my front stoop when I got home from an unextraordinary workout was a box from Vermont. Inside said box was a heavy ass double LP from the now defunct doom metal band Sleep. Yes, the classic stoner doom metal masterpiece Dopesmoker. The Weedian people have arrived at my humble Midwestern abode and they’re […]

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