High on Fire : Electric Messiah

Matt Pike has had a pretty busy year. In April he and Sleep dropped the surprise 4/20 record The Sciences. It was the first new Sleep material since their Adult Swim Singles Series track “The Clarity” from 2014. Then a couple months later Sleep drops yet another Adult Swim single called “Leagues Beneath”, possibly recorded […]

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Happy 4/20, Now Get Some Sleep

As if some bleary-eyed, cosmic stoner wish came true, the Kush Gods have bestowed upon the universe, on this 20th of April 2018, the best possible scenario any stoner/doom fuzz fan could ever hope for: Sleep have dropped a new album into your pipe. Commence smoking it. We’ve heard hints, rumors, and allegations for years […]

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Bell Witch : Mirror Reaper

Bell Witch’s Mirror Reaper is an album that takes some time opening up and getting inside. It’s a dense affair that feels very much like a meditation on grief and mourning. It’s a record that takes patience in order to get through, as it’s one 84-minute track. If that last sentence scares you, then Mirror […]

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Speedwolves and Razor Hooves

Matt Pike should be crowned the King Hesher of Earth. The shirtless, stoned(formerly), drunk(formerly), and long-haired guitarist/singer of High On Fire is a force of nature. First off the guy is a monster on the guitar. Sure there’s dudes that shred in metal bands, but Pike has an ease of playing that feels almost savant-like. […]

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Ufomammut : Ecate

In literary terms, Ufomammut’s new long player titled Ecate feels not like a mere 45 minute album, but the aural equivalent of Homer’s Odyssey. It’s a punishing trip into some desolate, dystopian world. Think Frank Herbert’s Dune melded with William Gibson’s Neuromancer and you might have an idea of where this music roams. Musically speaking, […]

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High on Fire : Luminiferous

I think it’s safe to say that Matt Pike is the king of metal right now. In fact, I think he’s had the King of Metal crown since High on Fire’sĀ Surrounded By Thieves in 2002. From that album, High of Fire solidified that Slayer-meets-Sabbath wall of deep, dark sludge. There’s no mistaking Pike’s masterful, gritty […]

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