Pink Fink : Pink Fink

Can someone help me? I seem to be stuck in some strange dimension called the 80s. I, I think I’m in a hallway. The walls are covered in neon paint and the floors seem to be black and purple squares leading me to a dank, dark room where strange noises are emanating. The noises are eerie, yet sort of funky. Wait, did I just see Alf? Oh no, I think that’s just the Ketamine and Tang kicking in. The sound, it’s definitely music. It’s sort of like Prince and the Revolution and Yaz had an orgy on a bed covered in neon pink paint and the blood of the innocent. Is Bernie Worrell in here, I can’t see very well. The sound of Moogs and ancient drum machines are filling the space in this room. I swear if I run into Soleil Moon Frye I’m going to tell her how I really feel about her. No, no…I must concentrate. I’m getting dizzy in here. Not much air, and the air that is in here smells like incense and a tomb filled with Binaca. The sound is getting louder and wonkier. It’s like Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock got a heady shot of Moog and the Misfits. What is that up ahead? Who are those cloaked figures? The sounds are coming from them? I feel like I should run from them, but I’m drawn closer. Man I could use some Tang, and where’s Punky Brewster?? A phrase keeps coming up in my brain, as if these two demonic, cloaked creatures are putting them there….

“Pink Fink”.

So what did you just read? Hell if I know. It was sort of what kept popping up in my head as I listened to Pink Fink’s self-titled album. Pink Fink? Whaaa? It’s two guys(people, beings, specters) that go by the names Pink Daniels and Fink Samuel and play a variety of seriously cool analog and modular synths. There seems to be a ghoulish, creepy vibe(just look at the font they used to spell out their name), and they’ve tagged their music as “horror boogie”. They themselves dubbed “horror boogie overlords”. When I think of the phrase horror boogie I imagine ZZ Top as zombies playing “Legs” with lyrics “She’s got legs/She knows how to eat ’em”. What Pink Fink play is a late 70s/early 80s electro boogie, something more in line with early Prince, Quincy Jones, Parliament, The Gap Band and other less known but equally funky funk acts from those first couple years into the neon decade.

The songs on this album? Well, there’s not much difference from one to the next. A little shift in rhythm here, and some creepy undertones there, but for the most part it’s like listening to an extended remix of one song. That’s really not a bad thing in the scheme of things. What you get is a 30 minute hardcore, analog funk jam with a horror vibe. Songs titles such as “Haunted Boogie”, “Fear The Night”, “Darkness”, and “Demonic” guarantee some serious Gothic vibes, but you don’t need to be a fan of horror soundtracks or imagined horror soundtracks to dig this album. At its core, underneath the masks, skulls with candles in them, and creepy vibes is unadulterated analog synth funk.

Pink Fink aren’t breaking new ground on their self-titled, but the ground they firmly stand on is buzzing and humming with electro funk delight.

7.5 out of 10

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