Espectrostatic : Silhouette

Alex Cuervo’s Espectrostatic project is a horror-vibed collection of heavy synth songs that also dabble in mid-90s electro-alternative pop music. Don’t let that last bit scare you away if what you’re looking for is dark, moody, heady electronic music that could easily soundtrack a fever dream. Espectrostatic has that in spades. But if you let your mind drift a bit while listening to their Burning Witches Records debut titled Silhouette, you may find yourself connecting to bands like Garbage, Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps, and Portishead as well John Carpenter, Goblin, Antoni Maiovvi, and the Phantasm S/T.

Now just because the dark lords have made their way back to the nether world since October is two months behind us now doesn’t mean you can’t lock into some dark vibes still. What do you think Krampus listens to as he’s throwing naughty toddlers in his bag for later gnashing and such? If he’s the evil Santa I hope he’s listening to Epectrostatic’s Silhouette. “The Corridor” feels like classic B-movie goodness, pushed along by electronic percussion, ghostly synths, and an almost Nightmare On Elm Street feel. This one is classic Wes Craven all the way. Cuervo knows his horror vibes and he demonstrates that beautifully on this opening track. “The Day We Were Captured” has a real Geoff Barrow/Ben Salisbury feel. It puts me in mind of their work in Ex_Machina. It’s a lovely piece. “Dead End City” sounds like Eels mixing things up with Bauhaus. It’s both fun and maniacal at the same time. “Silhouette” has that 90s alternative vibe in the drum and heavy bass. All this song needs is Shirley Manson singing over it and it could be that great Garbage song that never was. “Ghost Rocket” reminds me of Slasher Film Festival Strategy. It has the queasy 80s vibes all the way. “The Delirium of Negation” sounds like slowly falling thru time. It’s dark and melodic. “Pa-ral-y-sis” puts me in mind of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ film work, but more Gothic and less robotic. “The Weeping Willows” ends the album on a big note with what sounds like strings and keys blending into tension-filled suspense. You can almost see end credits rolling as this plays.

Espectrostatic’s Silhouette is another great record to add to the pile of 2017. Alex Cuervo has made a darkly-fueled record to put on and enjoy in the witching hour while enjoying a glass of red wine, or while contemplating that sound you heard in the basement. Either way, your best bet is to fill the glass back up and hit play on Silhouette again. Forget that sound you heard. Those things never go well.

7.7 out of 10


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