The Soft Moon’s “Burn”

Luis Vasquez, aka The Soft Moon, has a new album coming out in February. It’s called Criminal and what I’ve heard of it tells me that it could be one of my favorite records of 2018. Each album he puts out becomes both more accessible and harsher. From the first self-titled record which felt almost like an instrumental record at times to Zeros in 2012, Vasquez went into more of an early NIN direction. He mixes South American percussive vibes with dark industrial sensibility. He pushes the envelope when it comes to his sound and the visual aspect of both the album art and his live presentation.

His last album, the excellent Deeper in 2015, Vasquez seemed to have had a breakthrough with his sound. He made a very personal record, giving Deeper a more singer/songwriter feel.

Instead of a guy with an acoustic guitar it was a guy with a synthesizer and industrial beats.

Criminal, The Soft Moon’s first album with Sacred Bones(having released with Captured Tracks for the past few years) sounds like a perfect meshing of everything that came before. The first two singles, “Burn” and “It Kills” are primo darkwave/industrial. Sweaty, dense, propulsive and caffeinated like a late night coffee session in a lousy diner after an evening of slam dancing in an underground club.

Check the songs out below and look for this one in February of 2018 on Sacred Bones Records(home of John Carpenter, yo!) I already preordered the special edition vinyl cause that’s what I do.


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