Summer’s Almost Gone

As usual the summer seems to be slipping through my fingers like sand. It promised me back in June that it wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave. “Yeah J, I’m sticking around for a bit. I know I blew through last year but this time it’s different”, Summer distinctly told me back at the beginning of June when the kids left the 2015-2016 school season behind them. But of course -like always- I’m sitting here typing with the faint smell of gunpowder barely making a dent in my nostrils as the charred, plastic carcasses of Independence are slowly not decomposing at various points in my front yard. That mid point summer holiday, the Fourth of July, is but a distant and unseasonably cool memory for us now. The kids are on their final countdown to going back to those hallowed halls of higher education and I’m left wondering where the f**k did the time go?

The swift shell game that time plays with me on a daily basis seems to sting a little more with each passing year. Looking for that elusive “one more minute” is a feeble attempt, albeit on a much smaller scale, to steal away just a few more precious memories before the man in the bright nightgown comes a-knocking I suppose. I’m not worried about death. I just long for the softer moments to linger around a bit longer, that’s all. Maybe it’s that I’m getting(and feeling)older, or having semi-serious surgery back in March that’s put me in a such a melancholy state. I want to savor the moments, but when savoring the moments as they’re happening you pull yourself out of the game, so to speak. You’re concentrating on how you’re feeling, and not just going with it. I guess when I’m looking back nostalgically on holidays, family trips, an afternoon at the cinema, laughing hysterically with the kids for no particular reason at all, a fantastic 20th anniversary meal with the wife, or an evening stroll along the beach then I should be happy. Happy I was in it. Happy that in those moments I wasn’t taking anything for granted. Happy that despite how quickly summer arrives and then leaves, that the time spent was not wasted.

We lit the fuse. We watched it burn down and ignite the colors, explosions, and controlled chaos high above our heads. It was glorious while it lasted.

35 days until summer leaves and school begins. We still have time to blow some more s**t up.

26 thoughts on “Summer’s Almost Gone

  1. “We still have time to blow some more s**t up.”

    Man, this is true ALL YEAR LONG!!

    You’re right though, the summer is rapidly diminishing. But I think of it a bit differently… Since I don’t mind winter, it’s all just another day of awesome. Summer’s going? That’s OK! It’ll be FALL! And then WINTER! And then… and so on. Rock it every day, weather be damned! 🙂

    Of course, I complain about the heat of summer (it was 33C here yesterday, and that’s bollocks), and do prefer the cold, but in general I like ’em all!

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    1. I’m becoming more of a moderate when it comes to weather as I get older. Not too hot…not too cold. I used to prefer winter to summer, but not as much as I used to. Fall is where it’s at, for sure.

      This is just the typical ramblings and groaning of a guy seeing his kids growing too fast. This too shall pass.


      1. Hey, from the Good News Dept.: I got your comment as an email, not just a Like on my comment! I hope this is a trend that continues, seeing as that’s how I have it set up to work in my dashboard…

        Yup, fair enough. The kids grow too damn fast. And yours are ahead of mine (they’re 7, and almost 5)! I’m a little behind you on the winter thing – I still vastly prefer it. But I’m sure as I age that’ll change a bit. I figure right about the time my lovely wife starts getting hot flashes, we’ll hit parity.

        Man it’s gonna be fun to get old, and moan and groan. I’ve already told my lovely wife to brace herself because it’s a sure thing I’ll be a cranky old man haha.

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      2. Well I’m 42(I turn 43 in December…in case you want to send a card or something…haha!) and I can say that I’m more comfortable here in middle age than I ever was a younger fellow. I at least feel like I’m in the right skin nowadays. It took me a long time to get to this point, but man I’m glad I made it. Some people pine for their younger days, while I’ll happily accept the older ones….as long as I stay healthy. haha I think you two will enjoy the older you. And I hope your lovely wife’s hot flashes aren’t too bad. Hey, you’ll save money on heating bills!

        I think the WP trolls were listening in on the conversation. That’s probably why things are working as they should.


      3. I ain’t far behind you (I turn 42 in a week or so). No cards required! But I don’t accept this as middle age. Not yet! I’d say maybe 50… that way, I live to be 100. I have too many albums to hear to die at some silly young age like 84!

        Myself, I like every day, younger or older, I don’t care. I just wanna give ‘er! And I’m definitely looking forward to ageing with my lovely wife. She gets cooler every day (and she’s been cool her whole life – I’ve known her since we were 5, we were in the same kindergarten class). The most consistent and beautiful person I’ve known. And here’s silly ol’ me, somehow married to her. Every day, man, I count blessings! I’m sure you do too. There’s a ton of reasons we married these lovely ladies, right? Right! 🙂

        So far, with heating bills, I just put on shorts and a t-shirt in the house all winter. We get along then, because it means she doesn’t have to turn the heat down, though she does draw the line at me opening a window in January and February… 🙂

        As for WP, I dunno. We’ve all weirdnesses before. I think it just has burps and farts and as frustrating as it may be, it’s good to remember it’s still a free service! 😉

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      4. That’s great you two have known each other for that long. The wife and I started dating are junior year of high school, so since we’ve been 17. Just celebrated out 20th wedding anniversary last month. It’s great when you find someone like that. It’s a rare thing these days. We must be a few of the lucky ones.

        I do indeed count my blessings everyday. As crazy as the world is, I’m thankful I’ve got this little pocket of normalcy amongst the crazy.


      5. Congrats on your 20th!! That’s a real milestone, and testimony to a lifelong love. Right on! That fills me with joy for you both!!

        On this end, we were friends all through primary and high school, never dated. Go figure. Wasn’t til years later a mutual friend set us up. We got married in 2003, so that’s coming up on 13 years (in September). Together 5 years before that… 18 years. Damn, she’s a brave woman! Haha. I told her if there’s any surprises from me at this point, I can’t help her. 😉

        We are indeed the lucky ones. I think it and know it every day!

        “this little pocket of normalcy amongst the crazy”

        Damn, man, you said it all right there!

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  2. This is also something you notice more in your region, the changing of the seasons highlight the passing of time! I’m also not into extreme weather, too cold (why I left Buffalo) or too hot (why I left LA). SF weather is prety much perfect for me but I do miss Fall back East, not so much Winter but I did quite enjoy gazing out the window during a blizzard. My sense of time is definitely different without the guage of the changing seasons and the smells and aesthetics they bring with them. My sense of time is affected by this but I still feel things passing by faster and faster as I get older too, keeps me motivated…time and weather be damned!

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  3. I am reminded of how fleeting summer is! Working at a Community College, this is a constant! And now I am on vacay for two weeks…I am savoring every moment with my feet up!

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