Mythic Sunship : Ouroboros

Copenhagen’s Mythic Sunship dabble in a raw kind of free form jamming that gazes into the heart of the sun, and then goes full forcemythic into the blazing star’s fiery center. There’s no smoothing out the rough edges with these guys. There’s no breezy synth textures or ambient head space created on their debut titled Ouroboros. In fact, they make those rough edges as jagged as possible and let the shards fall where they may. Ouroboros is a three-track full-length that expands minds while melting them at the same time.

Mythic Sunship’s Ouroboros is yet another excellent long player coming out of the wilds of Denmark and curated by those musical merry pranksters at El Paraiso Records. You’d be hard pressed to find anything short of brilliant coming out of that label(listen to their previous 2016 releases Jakob Skott’s All The Colours Of The Dust and Nicklas Sorensen’s Solo for proof.) Mythic Sunship are no different, and Ouroboros packs a musical wallop. “Ophidian Rising” starts right up and never lets go of the jugular. A full throttle doomy fuzz jam in the Sabbath-ian tradition, with some serious stoned-out groove thrown in for good measure. These guys have a bevy of stomp boxes at their disposal and they seem to have no problem engaging a good portion of them here in this 10 minute opener. For those of you that worship at the alter of Isaiah Mitchell and Earthless you will find plenty to bow down to right here. “Year Of The Serpent” floats among the crystalline skies and never wavers in its mission to capture the feeling an out-of-body experience. As the song progresses so does the spaced-out fuzz and feedback battles. This is one of those classic basement tracks. Crouched in a bean bag chair with Koss headphones strapped to your head you let the song fill your skull. There’s a pint of your favorite brew next to you and the incense fills the air in that dark space that surrounds you, the only light is the strobe on the turntable.

Before flipping the record you need to go upstairs and get a refill of that brew because all of side two is dominated by the epic mind melter “Leviathan”, a 21 minute explosion of noise, riffs, and tribal beats before turning into an all out aural assault. Doom, psych, and free-form exploratory riffing is all over this track. It’s a workout of epic proportions.

With a band name that tips their hat to the likes of John Coltrane and Sun Ra, you’re setting expectations pretty high among the musicphiles(nerds) of the universe. But there’s no denying this Cophenhagen four piece their ambition and musical means of supassing that ambition. Ouroboros is one hell of a debut. Stocked with plenty of raw rock grit and intellectual noodling to satisfy even the most finicky of musical tastes.

8.2 out of 10


10 thoughts on “Mythic Sunship : Ouroboros

  1. The mid-West’s El Paraiso man strikes again.
    Another unstructured jam-based psych influenced post-Agharta opus, eh? How do you tell ’em apart?
    Can I ask, do you like Acid Mother’s Temple? Have you written on any of theirs?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. From the things you enjoy, it seems quite likely. But maybe worth streaming some of their music prior to investing! I have a couple but remain undecided. I tend to like a bit more structure; well some of the time anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll look the up and see what they’re all about.

        Oh, and as far as telling the music apart, I liken it telling the difference between ‘Phaedra’ and ‘Rubycon’. If you’ve got the ear you can tell it apart. At least that’s how it works in my head.

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