Mythic Sunship Return With ‘Another Shape of Psychedelic Music’; Share “Elevation”

Earlier this year the Danish quartet Mythic Sunship released their third LP for El Paraiso Records, titled Upheaval. Upheaval is still one of my favorite albums from 2018, and a juggernaut of raw, pummeling improvisational riffing. Now if you’d been keeping track, this is the young-ish Danish band’s third album since 2016. They debuted with […]

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Nicklas Sørensen : Solo 2

Nicklas Sørensen most recently blasted dreamy, psychedelic swaths of guitar on Papir’s 2017 record V. Within that Danish three-piece psych rock outfit, Sørensen can go from post-rock stoicism to 60s fuzzed-out freak out in seconds flat. He’s erased those boundary lines that seemed to box in the “guitar hero”. Jazzy introspection, distorted wah wah, and progressive lines […]

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Causa Sui : Vibraciones Doradas

When I think of Denmark’s Causa Sui I think of vast open spaces. I think of widescreen grooves and vacuum tubes a-glow with the orange of humming fuzz. This four-piece have made it their mission to not be pigeonholed by any one genre or mindset. They explore the dark corners of Sabbath-ian dirges to the […]

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Videodrones’ “Maniac City”

Somewhere, hazily floating in the ether, is where Videodrones lie. This synth duo encompass a musical world filled with supernatural dread, dark occult doom, undead creatures just over the horizon, and unseen forces lurking in your psyche. They create musical interludes for b-movies you never saw in the late 70s and early 80s. Don’t bother […]

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Mythic Sunship : Land Between Rivers

Mythic Sunship seem to have appeared out of some ancient musical text. Through sounds and textures as old as weathered folklore and whispers under the breath in the shadows of centuries-old mountaintops, these Danish musicians make music both primitive and not of this earth. Like thunder clapping in the distance, their new album Land Between […]

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Causa Sui : Live In Copenhagen

So one day last week I arrived home from work to see a cardboard box waiting for me on the front porch. When I went to pick it up I thought at first that someone had sent me a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas from Denmark as this thing was heavy. Like, really heavy. After further […]

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Monarch : Two Isles

Ahh, Southern California sure knows how to mold and shape guys and gals into laid back, jammy musicians. There’s this breezy, hazy vibe that comes from a city like San Diego that you can’t get anywhere else in the country. In-particular, psych rock has had somewhat of a resurgence in that area, with heavy hitters […]

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Landing : Third Sight

Landing seems to inhabit a musical space that resides in dreams. They create these musical patchworks that form a beautiful and surreal world where natural light and free thought connect and open doorways to ethereal universes. Of course, you have to be ready and primed to allow the music on Landing’s newest album Third Sight […]

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