Slave To The Rewind : Thug Entrancer’s ‘Data Slave’

If you had told me a year ago I’d be getting all excited over a damn cassette tape I would’ve told you to jump back in that Delorean and get back to 1985. As it happens, I stand corrected. I mean, I’m not having some sort of cassette tape renaissance or anything. Sure, I’ve found a passion for making mix tapes again. But that doesn’t really count. That’s more like exercising a muscle that doesn’t get much use anymore. This newfound excitement comes from what I got in the mail yesterday. I arrived home yesterday to see a large white box on the front stoop from Software/Mexican Summer. Inside was the deluxe version of Thug Entrancer’s Arcology. It came on double white vinyl and as a bonus the Data Slave cassette tape. The Data Slave cassette mix tape is reprogrammed and restructured songs from 2013-2015. They’ve been compiled into what I would describe as a club mix. Not that I frequent clubs or raves or whatever the kids call ’em these days, but it definitely sounds like something I’d hear in a scene in a movie where there’d be strobe lights flashing, lasers cutting through the air, and lots of sweaty bodies grinding and losing their shit on some makeshift dance floor. Where Arcology is this carefully structured, intellectually concise electronic music that follows a well thought out narrative, the Data Slave Mixware cassette is pure, visceral, lose your shit techno music. I think the folks at Software could explain it a little better than I can so I’ll let them:

“Following in the footsteps of previous Mixware composers Napolian and Sculpture, Thug Entrancer crafted Data Slave out of re-structured and re-programmed compositions spanning the years 2013-2015. Inspired by insomnia and obsession, Data Slave serves as “furniture techno” – an accent table to a late night post-club come down, the treadmill for a speed run binge, or the turntable soundtracking internet compulsions.”

I told you they could say it better than me. Anyways, I’m sitting on the couch right now typing this and enjoying Data Slave quite a bit. I never really got dance/techno music all that much. Seemed rather loud, bassy, and monotonous. But then I never really was much of a booty shaker or drug taker. I could see how the music could appeal to both of those groups. Since I’ve gotten into the heavy synth stuff and the drone-y ambient music my opinion has changed on techno. It appeals to me like the synth stuff does. It’s music you can lose yourself in. Instead of sweating through my Fruit Of The Looms on a dance floor, I’m just sitting on the couch imagining myself doing some killer moves on the dance floor. Like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Or Nicholas Cage in Wild At Heart. Or an oversized, drunk muppet.

FullSizeRender (51)I just have to say that I love the care and detail record companies like Software, Mexican Summer, Secretly Canadian, Captured Tracks, and Jagjaguwar put into their artists releases. From colored variants to remix albums to cassette releases that are included with the records. Hell, even the posters and stickers are cool in my book. Polyvinyl sends candy along with their records. Candy! They know that we as vinyl lovers appreciate the details and all the cool schwag that comes with our records. We geek out over that sort of thing(at least I do.) And I’m not saying this so they’ll send me more cool stuff. I’d never do that. I mean everything I say….but, if anyone from any of these record labels is reading this I’d be happy to take anything you’d want to send(I wear X-Large in shirt sizes and I think splatter-colored vinyl is lovely. I also LOVE coffee mugs, in case you were wondering.)

So if you’re into cool special edition and limited edition things, I’d say preorder directly from the record companies. I think they appreciate it. Plus, if you wait on getting that cool limited color vinyl and decide you want it six months after the release and they’re all sold out you’re gonna be paying a hefty chunk on Discogs or Ebay for it. Just order it now, and save yourself the heartache and emptied bank account.

That’s all I got.

FullSizeRender (50)

12 thoughts on “Slave To The Rewind : Thug Entrancer’s ‘Data Slave’

  1. I prefer when a band includes music in physical form. Most bands throw in a download card, but I am too old school. I like when they put the cd in better. quite nice when you have a copy for the car, and one for home.
    I am a complete cassette fan, as I am one if the few that never stopped owning them. I have never had a cassette included. I guess there is at least one good thing the hipsters have going for them, if they caused this trend.

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  2. Alf. Marvellous.

    Anyhoo, this is a splendid wee extra. Even if the music might not be to my taste, you gotta love the effort that’s been put into this. Never get that from a major. Indies rock.

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