Built To Spill’s “Living Zoo”


Featured image taken by Stephen Gere

When I heard that Built To Spill were releasing a new album this year I was ecstatic. I was latebts to the Built To Spill party, but once I got there I was doing metaphorical beer bongs and planning my new beard I was going to grow in honor of lead Spiller Doug Martsch. I was instantly enamored with Martsch and his guitar playing, not to mention his vocals that seemed ghostly and earthy at the same time.

The last album they released was 2009s underrated There Is No Enemy. And while it was a great record, six years is a long time in-between albums. Fortunately for us fans Doug and company weren’t completely off the radar. They toured, they lost a couple long time members in drummer Scott Plouf and bassist Brett Nelson, but they never hinted that they were done by any mean. Well today they have released the first single off of their new album Untethered Moon. The song is called “Living Zoo” and it makes me very happy. Really, it has the upbeat vibe of Keep It Like A Secret with the scruffy, fuzzy sound of You In Reverse. It’s, dare I say, a future Built To Spill classic. Jangly guitars, windy solos, and Martsch’s folksy and poppy vocals make this track one you want to keep hitting play on. Just like I have. And will continue to do.

Check it out below. Untethered Moon drops on 4/21 via Warner Bros.

4 thoughts on “Built To Spill’s “Living Zoo”

    1. You should give Perfect From Now On and Keep It Like A Secret a shot. I think you’d like them both. “Carry The Zero” and “I Would Hurt A Fly” are genius songs.


  1. This is excellent stuff. I’m looking forward to this one … and you’re spot on about There Is No Enemy. Although I wasn’t initially taken by it, it really won me over (much like You In Reverse).

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