A Minor Detour

Hello. How’d the weekend go? You did what? Why you dirty bugger, you. How can you evenme look at yourself in the mirror after that sort of behavior. You’re an adult. You know better than to do those sorts of things. You know, I’m not sure we can hang out anymore. Just,…just grab your things and be on your way.

Nah, I’m just pulling your chain. We’re good(seriously, you should see a therapist or something.)

Okay, so on this extremely cold Monday morning I thought I’d deviate from the usual bag of tricks and share something personal. Yes, it’s self-congratulatory time. It’s been awhile since I’ve jumped on the big internet machine and talked about my own artistic work. The reason being is that I’ve been taking my sweet time on that artistic work. In my older age the idea of hammering out an album’s worth of songs in two days doesn’t really appeal to me all that much. I still enjoy the spontaneity of improvised music and the thrill that comes with it, but this current piece I’m sharing with you today seemed to yearn to be sculpted and molded a bit more. It wasn’t as spontaneous and improvised as I thought it was.

Well my original intent for this little project was to take a three-day weekend and create a piece of music one day, then the next day make a video for the piece of music and post it the same day. I had the best of intentions, anyways. The music just didn’t feel complete to me after the second day so I held onto it. The next two weekends I added something here and there. Pulling back some tracks, while bringing others into the fold. The result is a 10-minute sound collage that seems rather cohesive to me. It feels like a dreamy, half-dazed journey. You get the feeling it’s going to be just this atmospheric piece with sounds coming in and out of the mix -and to a certain extent it is that- but at about the 5-minute mark something happens. I’m not going to say what. You’re gonna have to listen to it and find out for yourself. I’ll just say it’s a nice surprise and some fun mixing and engineering on my part.

So if long form instrumental pieces filled with hazy atmospherics(and possibly some fuzzy psych rock shoved in the middle for good measure) isn’t your cup of tea, I do apologize(no I don’t.) On the brighter side I’m working on something completely different as well. I have a project in the works that’s definitely more in the pop-oriented realm of things. My good friend and Cambodia Highbal collaborator Shane Darin Page is helping me out with some beats for some songs and so far it’s sounding really good. I look forward to sharing those songs, just as soon as I finish one.

For now though, give this new song a listen if you don’t mind. I’m digging it, and maybe you will, too. I’ll be back tomorrow with a great interview with musician Rich Vreeland, otherwise known as Disasterpeace.

Happy Monday.

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