El Paraiso Records and ‘Absorb, Fabric, Cascade’

So the last two days I’ve been immersed in some seriously heady sounds. News came through the wire(you know, that elusive wire that contains information you really want to be privy to) that Jonas Munk, he of Manual and Causa Sui fame, would be releasing his second solo record on his own label El Paraiso Records.

Munk released his first solo record, Pan, in 2012. It’s this beautiful and bubbling album filled with warm synths reminiscent of Cluster, Tangerine Dream, and bits of Michael Rother’s guitar noise strewn throughout. It’s an album that you can let play in the background whilst you read the evening paper; as well as an album you can let yourself get completely lost in after a stout or two.

Well Munk has readied his newest aural trip and it’s called Absorb, Fabric, Cascade. It’s three tracks, or movements, aptly titled “Absorb”, “Fabric”, and “Cascade”. Each are very indicative of their titles. Each feels like it’s name. There’s a feeling of slow, flowing movement on this album. Filled with analog synths, organ, piano, and guitar drone there’s a real sense of organic tone. It’s as though you can feel the music between your fingers, flowing like sand. For as much as a track like “Cascade” feels like a heady trip into the cosmos, “Fabric” feels very much grounded. Not on Earth, but within it.

For only three songs, there’s a lot to take in. The album is like a score for a blank slate. There’s not a narrative or a story, really. It’s sounds and movements for you to open your mind to. I don’t want to say much more about the record just yet, as we’re still a month away from its release(there will be a full review of the album, as well as an interview with Jonas coming in the near future.) I will say this: I have had the pleasure to have listened to the album several times(I’m listening to it now as a matter of fact)the last couple of days and it’s stunning. If you like musical journeys and far-out soundscapes, you’re going to love this record. Absorb, Fabric, Cascade is just one more shining example of the quality albums El Paraiso Records is releasing into the universe.

Head over the El Paraiso Records and preorder Absorb, Fabric, Cascade. It will only be available on vinyl and digital download. The first 500 records are on gorgeous orange vinyl(I love orange vinyl.) Look for it March 2nd, 2015 via El Paraiso Records. The album can also be purchased via Forced Exposure in the US, in case you want to save a few bucks on shipping.


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